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Important webpages by their number:-

1 Home Web Page

11 Starting in Jesus for beginners

766 Starting in Jesus for Bible readers

1144 Two Bible words for Love

845 Introducing love

796 Maleness love

838 Femaleness love

846 List personality traits of love

759 Sin offering not unto death

557 Study of sin

590 Study of sin-offering

1013 Basic understanding of sin

1023 Sin makes shadows

1026 Saved cigarette smoker

1027 The lost covering

766 Former rain of Jesus

11 Getting started in Jesus

21 Give Jesus your will

61 Turn from sins to Jesus

71 Pray for power from Jesus

81 Prayer seed promises

91 Sharing Jesus with others

1371 Latter rains of Jesus

1373 What Spiritual Revival is

1374 Steps to Spiritual Revival

1375 What believers do wrong

1076 Propensities

116 Pride

1378 Action plan for Revival

977 Ancient Hebrew

1091 Translation problems

1081 Torah teachings

126 Language

137 Multiple meanings

1094 Bible study method

1092 NT written originally in Hebrew

938 Heavenly Father

858 Holy Spirit

1034 Study of Jesus

1355 Proving Jesus is YHWH

1145 Proving Holy Spirit is feminine

931 Showing Shadday is Holy Spirit

1033 Medium of the Holy Spirit

1061 Proving EGW is inspired

1381 Comparing Luther with White

1383 Looking at SOP

1080 Rebuking attacks on Ellen White

978 Creation

1127 Creationism

1120 Looking at Evolution

1513 What faith really means?

1481 SOP on Holy Spirit and her wings?

1456 Destroying Angel: Holy Spirit

1484 SOP deals with fuzzy translations

1481 Jesus' grace is His Beauty

1526 Prayer Promise training

Help with searching for a word

When you want to do a word search,

type a single word and click ;

thus, webpages containing the "word" are shown as hyperlinks;

and stay there as you search for the information your looking for.

To clear the hyperlink results, click the "Home" button.

The search is divided into useful categories:-

  • (1) study "of" ... These are Hebrew word studies showing all the contexts the word is used in, with comments if appropriate.

  • (2) SOP These studies show our Hebrew English translator comments. This helps the Author to know his understanding of Scripture is correct. Reading SOP is just as difficult as reading Hebrew Scriptures, even though the comments are written in English. We have to study the SOP carefully and prayerfully.

    The Author will limit the search index to a reasonable number of hyerlink results. For example searching

  • Jesus = 236 links.
  • Father = 61 links.
  • Holy Spirit = 127 links.
  • salvation = 59 links.
  • Hebrew = 68 links.
  • man = 57 links.
  • sin = 113 links.

    The readers might be overwhelmed wiith choice. So be careful in what you choose to read. It would be better to read about salvation in themes, rather than reading a page here and there, but since we all live in confusion, a world of confusion, our salvation need not be also confusing.

    The main menu takes readers through webpage themes, and these promise careful easy reading. Shalom

    The main purpose of Spiritual Springs, is presenting Jesus correctly, and getting a more powerful flow of His power through your life. Shalom

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