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Q1: What is love?

In a family home where there is a household of gender male and gender female, love is NOT a single concept of personality traits. The Bible does not have a single Hebrew word for "love". Instead there are two words for "love", a father's love, and a mother's love. These types of love relate to personality expressed by gender male and gender female which united make up the harmony of completed love. Without these two different personaltiy traits of love there is not a completed household of love in the home.

My dad was the greatest dad I have ever known, partly because he was the only dad I knew. His religion of rules, and his maleness-love washed over me all the days of his living. My dad never openly declared his love for God. He was a practical man following the 'golden rule' to help his neighbour whever he could. He left behind a legacy of practical loving, in helping his children with building houses, being a practical example of devotion and staying true to his convictions.

My mum was a great companion for my dad. They were high school friends from long ago, her "sweet pea" my dad said. Such was the dedicated caring love of my mum raising five children in a home, blessed by a hard working dad. Mum cared for her children, kept us clean and well fed with wholesome food, fixed our clothes and made us as loving as children growing up could. We went to church at her request and kept pace with God in our lives.

Parental love is the combining of maleness-love and femaleness love into one harmonious picture of love. This is why the Bible speaks of a gender male and a gender female leaving their parents and the two becoming a single unit of love.

Ge 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Details of the Bible words for "love", maleness-love and femaleness-love are in other studies. Let us instead summarize "love" from these studies here in the love theme on the next webpage.

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