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Never use the words 'I am' on ourselves

Q1: Should we use "I am" on ourselves ?

May God help me. Jesus is talking to me, so feelings of well being come. Jesus is helping me, so sharing comes naturally. Jesus is talking to me, my will is connected to him, and listening happens. Jesus connects, and listening happens , my thoughts are directed by us both together. � � Do not use the "I am" phrase, ie: "When Jesus talks, I am listening". The sentence is an oxymoron of a relationship, you cannot be the strong authority in a relationship to Jesus who is your strong authority. Learn humility. Humility is the ability to see with active hands, the relationship with Jesus as your strong authority. Once you adjust your self talk or mediations in your mind as to who is the strong authority in your conscience, less "I am" will occur and more "Jesus as the great I am" will occur, and you will achieve the real meaning of being humble, and truly poor in self spirit, but rich in your relationship connection to Jesus. Humility is keeping yourself lower than GOD.

� � Jesus brought His servant, this communication the morning of Sabbath April 23 2011, praise Him when He talks to me, so listening can occur, my mind is willing to hear. Shalom

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