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What is polysemy or multiple meanings?

Q1: What is polysemy ?

One of the sad things about mankind is spoiling our confidence in Jesus.

Heb 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering....

So if you can't baffle them brilliance, than baffle them with bull....

How true. Yeah sure languages experience decay and corruption, what I call evolutionary change. Multiple meanings come about because people forget the meanings of words, and so adopt new meanings, either through slang, through technology or through media change. So while there are some words with multiple meanings in any language, its NOT common. So why does such a concept exist so commonly in our Bibles ? Why ... ? � � � Satan wants to shake our confidence in our faith towards Jesus, so He inspires translators to bicker and nit pick over this grammatical syntax and that lexical meaning.

To what end ? Confusion.

Please keep to your child like faith in Jesus Name. Shalom

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