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Hebrew Studies, Shadday Almighty Holy Spirit duality

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "Shadday" mean?

INTRODUCTION: The functional descriptors of the Godhead titles and names can be confusing. Some theories of faith say the Almighty is another functional descriptor of the Father. We can do much to destroy the Bible if we use Poetry parallels to describe things anyway it suits us. The Shadday is especially an unusual descriptor function of the Godhead. We know from the New Testament, the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But we know little of the Names of the Godhead in the Old Testament. This studies looks into the functional descriptor of the Godhead known as Shadday.

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew.

PICTURE: �� � � The pictograph reads "The pressed to the breast with active arms" - "Shadday". Strongs 7706.

Closely related to this word is "breast" (Hebrew "shad"), Strongs 7700 and 7699.

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word means "Shadday". It is best left as a Hebrew word as there is no English equivalent. In a male dominated world of religious bias one could translate the Hebrew word as "Mother", but this would cause offense. The functional descriptor (Shadday) is a "proper description" for the Holy Spirit, who is the Shadday expressing duality.

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PERSONAL APPLICATION: The members of the Godhead are known as through a glass darkly. We cannot fathom or make known the quantum nature and personality of the members of GOD in a Family similiar to our own, but extremely much different as well.

Do not make this theory of faith fill you with pride or force variance with others of less faith, for who is man to describe God despite what the Bible seems to say. Let us instead embrace GOD with a humble and meek heart and let's press together in peace. Shalom

The highest member in the Family of GOD is the Father (strong one in the Home of Heaven). At His left hand is the Mother (strong glue of the home of heaven) also known as the Shadday. Since the universe underwent dysfunction, the Shadday expresses the Holy Spirit as a Medium, in order to allow intelligent control of dysfunction and function without destroying those who choose more and more dysfunction. All members of GOD have duality, but the Shadday expresses duality most as the Holy Spirit. The Son of GOD at the right hand of the Father, serves the Father with love and devotion.

In Hebrew culture the home is expressed by maleness love even when both maleness love and femaleness love are both together as a group. Thus we find the Father and the Son both take precedence over the Shadday (Holy Spirit) around matters in heaven, even though the Father and the Shadday are parents under close united harmony.

The Shadday expresses duality as the Holy Spirit so that as a MEDIUM other members of the Godhead can communicate without destroying the universe in dysfunction. This functional role can cause confusion in contexts where two members of God are present, but only one communicates via the other.

DISCUSSION: See comments of over 50 verses:-

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