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How complete was Martin Luther and Ellen White as Messengers?.

Q1: How complete was Martin Luther and Ellen White as Messengers?

Hypothesis: How complete was Martin Luther and Ellen White as Messengers?A comparision of both messengers, how they treated Hebrew word meanings.

Introduction:Any prophetic messenger of GOD should follow Hebrew meanings, because Hebrew was the first language given to Adamand has been carefully preserved today. We find lots of Edenic words or Semitic words in modern Hebrew, English and other major languages.The meanings preserved in Ancient Hebrew are considered in this study, which is preserved in Scripture if we look at the Ancient Letter Script in each Hebrew word.Another way to evaluate Hebrew meanings is to look up all verses the word is used is, to consider the basic meaning of the word. (This means one does not considera Strong's dictionary, or a Human dictionary, but Sola Scriptora itself.)

This study looks at how well prophets are inspired. Any prophet lives up to the messages given, and the light received.However we should not find any messengers with errors, since the Holy Spirit is always a true and consistent teacher.What we might find is variations in the amount of completeness...

Method: This study looks at prophetic inspiration from other witnesses to Jesus OUTSIDE of the times Scripure was written in NT times. We can measure how inspired these messages are by comparing them to the Torah teachings in the OT. If the new messages are fully complete in meaning to the OT teachings, then the new messages are completely inspired. A lesser matching would imply lesser completion of Hebrew meanings, or that the message is uninspired.

A study of just ten words is considered for comparing the messages of Martin Luther and Ellen White, how well these messages are complete.

The Hebrew words studied are..., and their Ancient Hebrew meanings are:-

  • (1) Ab----------------Father & Fruit
  • (2) El------------------Strong Authority
  • (3) Elohiym ------------Heavenly Powers
  • (4) Echad----------------Unity or united
  • (5) Tamiyd---------------Daily or continual
  • (6) Chata and Chataah ----Sin and Sin-offering
  • (7) Tsachaq ---------------- Mock & Laugh
  • (8) Torah ----------------Teachings & Rain
  • (9) cela and twusr---Rock similes of Jesus, Father
  • (10) Qahal ---------- Assembly or Church

    Conclusion: One can conclude based on the balance of probabilities that the messages of Martin Luther and Ellen White are of the Holy Spirit.

    Percentage complete messages are:-

    HebrewMartin LutherEllen White

    God revealed holy and inspired messages to his prophets OUTSIDE the prophets of NT times. Even Martin Luther had a good and excellent understanding of salvation, and his witness was inspirational. Ellen White is a more complete prophet, for the messages fully complement Ancient Hebrew meanings in the OT times.

    The question is not how inspirational does a prophet have to be, in order for one to respond to God's messages. One is judged by the light we live up to, revealed by those prophets, even those OUTSIDE the prophets of NT times.One does not need to go to a large river to quench one's thirst: a swallow of water from a tiny cup is just as good. Shalom

    Discussion: Below is a comparison study of words, how each messenger used them.

    (1 ) Ab - Father / Fruit (The ancient meaning for father is also fruit - The father was the strong one in the home, as well as the provider.)

    XXI. From this we can judge how wisely or foolishly some women act when they are with child, and how the sick are to be treated. For the foolish women cling so firmly to their fasting that they run the risk of great danger to the fruit of their womb "

    This is all the fault of the preachers, because they continually prate of fasting, and never point out its true use, limit, fruit, cause and purpose. So also the sick should be allowed to eat and to drink every day whatever they wish."

    "Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine in thine house, and thy children shall be as the young scions of laden olive trees about thy table."

    "In chapter 5, St. Paul comes to the fruits and works of faith, namely: joy, peace, love for God and for all people;"

    "Not that conscience should now do nothing; rather, it should now for the first time truly cling to its second husband, Christ, and bring forth the fruit of life."

    Some match of fruit to Jesus as a husband (ie father of the redeemed)

    ", as that we pray God to give us food and drink, clothing, house, and home, and health of body; also that He cause the grain and fruits of the field to grow and mature well; "

    With Martin Luther, a selection of passages is chosen, to show how fruit is used, but there is no added meaning for Father.

    {CSA 59.8} Pure religion and undefiled before the Father is this�� Good deeds are the fruit that Christ requires us to bear�..

    {CTr 246.2} But Satan came, and insinuated doubts of God�s wisdom. He accused Him, their heavenly Father and Sovereign, of selfishness, because to test their loyalty, He had prohibited them from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

    {CTr 257.2} �I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away.�

    {COL 216.1} Every means that the love of God could devise would be put in operation that they might become trees of righteousness, bringing forth fruit for the blessing of the world.

    {COL 301.2} "Herein is My Father glorified," Christ says, "that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be My disciples." John 15:8.

    With Ellen White, a better match of Father /fruit , the ancient Hebrew meaning is fully complete.

    (2) El - Meaning Strong authority, English translation as God.

    "Now with regard to this work, things are almost worse than with regard to the first. The spiritual authority should punish sin with the ban and with laws,"

    Not matched to God...

    'Whoever does not rest upon the teaching of the Roman Church and the supreme pontiff as an infallible rule of faith, from which even Holy Scripture draws its vigor and authority, is a heretic" (Erl. Ed., op. Var./ arg., I, 348). "

    "but have more regard to God and His glory than to the authority of men. and they say the pope has the authority to do this."

    "We have now completed both the spiritual and the temporal government, that is, the divine and the paternal authority and obedience"

    With Martin Luther, a somewhat match to the meaning of God / authority

    {PC 129.3} The truth of the word of God is of sufficient authority and power.

    {1NL 93.1} If the father is a Christian, he represents the divine authority of God,�

    With Ellen White a better completed meaning for 'el':- GOD / authority.

    (3) Elohiym - Heavenly powers flow. "The Strong Authority Secure Behold! the Being flows".

    The word "Elohiym" is the plural concept of Eloah, the Father in heaven, and means the power of the Father flows.

    The Word "Elohiym" means "The Heavenly Family powers of GOD"

    "That since the fall of Adam the natural powers of man have remained entire and incorrupt,"

    "Again, that, by his natural powers, man can love God above all things and his neighbor as himself"

    "But that it may be most easily and clearly understood as it is to be taught to children, we shall briefly sum up the entire Creed in three chief articles, according to the three persons in the Godhead, to whom everything that we believe is related, So that the First Article, of God the Father, explains Creation, the Second Article, of the Son, Redemption, and the Third, of the Holy Ghost, Sanctification."

    "Here we learn to know the Second Person of the Godhead, so that we see what we have from God over and above the temporal goods aforementioned; namely, how He has completely poured forth Himself and withheld nothing from us that He has not given us. Now, this article is very rich and broad; but in order to expound it also briefly and in a childlike way, we shall take up one word and sum up in that the entire article, namely (as we have said), that we may here learn how we have been redeemed; and we shall base this on these words: In Jesus Christ, our Lord"

    "And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried, descended to Hell, on the third day rose again from the dead, ascended to Heaven and sat down at the right hand of God the Almighty Father."

    Some matching of meaning, by Martin Luther.

    {Ev 307.2} They are baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thus they are united with the three great powers of heaven.

    {Ev 615.1} There are three living persons of the heavenly trio; in the name of these three great powers --the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--

    Ellen White matches Heavenly powers to Ancient Hebrew meaning of Elohiym

    (4) Echad - Unity - United - parts become one as a harmony of a whole.

    "They will assuredly never be united by force, nor by defiance, nor by haste; it will take time and forbearance."

    "For Christ says, Matt. 18:19 f.: "Where two are at one with each other on earth, there am I in the midst of them." Would to God that on both sides we were working toward this unity, offering our hands to one another in brotherly humility, and not standing stubbornly on our powers or rights! "

    A good match by Martin Luther with Ancient Hebrew meaning for Echad.

    {AH 99.3} He who gave Eve to Adam as a helpmeet performed His first miracle at a marriage festival� He ordained that men and women should be united in holy wedlock, to rear families whose members, crowned with honor, should be recognized as members of the family above.

    {AA 164.1} Every agency will be subordinate to the Holy Spirit, and all the believers will be united in an organized and well-directed effort to give to the world the glad tidings of the grace of God.

    {Ev 307.2} They are baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thus they are united with the three great powers of heaven.

    A good match by Ellen White with Ancient Hebrew meaning for Echad

    (5) "Tamiyd" : "Continual". Strong's 8548. "continual"

    The meaning in Ancient Hebrew reads "The marked flow with active hands through the door"

    Other related words from Jeff Benner: �Water at the door� in Nomadic times a bowl of water was at the entrance to the tent so one could wash their feet before waking on the carpets. Strong 4055.

    �The flow at the door swings� � to measure. Strong 4058.

    The "tamiyd" comes from the idea of "garments" used to measure time, or cover things, for things washed before entering the door. Notice "The marked flow with active hands through the door".

  • Zec 13:6 And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends

    The marked hands that flow through the door of our soul, speaks of a symbolic reference to Jesus, our High Priest allowing us entrance into His ministry.

    "This letter is truly the most important piece in the New Testament. It is purest Gospel. It is well worth a Christian's while not only to memorize it word for word but also to occupy himself with it daily, as though it were the daily bread of the soul. "

    "where Paul says, "Grace and gift are in Christ, etc." The gifts and the Spirit increase daily in us, yet they are not complete, since evil desires and sins remain in us which war against the Spirit, as Paul says in chapter 7, and in Galations, chapter 5."

    "For this end it is also of service that we form the habit of daily commending ourselves to God, "

    "However, this, I say, is not so restricted to any time, as with the Jews, that it must be just on this or that day; for in itself no one day is better than another; but this should indeed be done daily; however, since the masses cannot give such attendance, there must be at least one day in the week set apart. But since from of old Sunday [the Lord's Day] has been appointed for this purpose, we also should continue the same, "

    "And, indeed, we Christians ought always to keep such a holy day, and be occupied with nothing but holy things, i.e., daily be engaged upon God's Word, and carry it in our hearts and upon our lips"

    "Moreover, we also confess that God the Father has not only given us all that we have and see before our eyes, but daily preserves and defends us against all evil and misfortune, "

    ". For we sin daily with eyes, ears, han ds, body and soul, money and possessions, and with everything we have, especially those who even fight against the Word of God."

    "Meanwhile, however, while sanctification has begun and is growing daily, we expect that our flesh will be destroyed and buried with all its uncleanness, and will come forth gloriously"

    "Hence there is no nobler prayer to be found upon earth than the Lord's Prayer which we daily pray because it has this excellent testimony"

    "On the other hand where men have become Christians, he daily decreases until he finally perishes. That is truly to be buried in Baptism, and daily to come forth again. "

    "Thus it appears what a great, excellent thing Baptism is, which delivers us from the jaws of the devil and makes us God's own, suppresses and takes away sin, and then daily strengthens the new man, "

    "but by the gift of the Holy Ghost that follows the remission of sins. This gift daily cleanses and sweeps out the remaining sins, and works so as to render man truly pure and holy."

    "Q. What does ``Daily Bread'' mean?

    A. Everything that nourishes our body and meets its needs, such as: Food, drink, clothing, shoes, house, yard, fields, cattle, money, possessions, a devout spouse, devout children, devout employees, devout and faithful rulers, good government, good weather, peace, health, discipline, honor, good friends, faithful neighbors and other things like these."

    Martin Luther has an excellent understanding of the term "daily", though sometimes he does not link this term to coming directly from God.

    {EW 74.1} Then I saw in relation to the "daily" (Daniel 8:12) that the word "sacrifice" was supplied by man's wisdom, and does not belong to the text, and that the Lord gave the correct view of it to those who gave the judgment hour cry.

    {AA 50.1} For the "daily" baptism of the Spirit every worker should offer his petition to God.

    As Christ at His ascension appeared in the presence of God to plead His blood in behalf of penitent believers, so the priest in the daily ministration sprinkled the blood of the sacrifice in the holy place in the sinner's behalf. {CCh 347.7}

    Every morning and evening a lamb of a year old was burned upon the altar, with its appropriate meat offering, thus symbolizing the daily consecration of the nation to Jehovah, and their constant dependence upon the atoning blood of Christ....He says, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." . . . {FLB 196.4}

    Those who make a profession of faith, and yet remain unchanged in habit and practice, are represented in the parable by the man who came to the feast without a wedding garment. There are many who, while they believe what they read about Christ, do not believe in Christ. They do not receive Him as a personal Saviour. Their names may be registered on the Church roll, but they do not bring Christ into the daily life; and God can not accept them. {RH, February 26, 1901 par. 8}

    Ellen White has matched the daily to God better, meaning the continual heavenly powers flow daily into the sinner bringing them into salvation and atonement.

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