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The theory of CREATIONISM as a Science.

Creation Science properly defined

by Thompson, Robert. 2015.


There is a general lack of defining terms in Creation Science. This is partly because Evolution Science is hijacking Creation Science terms and changing their meanings over time. What Creation Science needs isbrand new terms clearly defining what is Creation Science and defining those terms on a scientific level.

Intelligent Design is a Science.

This is because Intelligent Design is

  • observable,
  • repeatable,
  • experimental and
  • falsifiable.
  • These are all the hallmarks of Scientific Proof for anything being a science.

    There are TWO science models of origins.

    The rock on the left looks naturally changed.

    The rock on the right looks intelligently designed.

    Evolution Science and Creation Science are thus two science models about origins.A person has to believe what they see as evidence in the present, is a key to understandingwhat happened in the past that cannot be observed. The science of constructing evidence in the present to explain the past is called an assumption. One has to believe the assumptions are true and this requires the person to have faith in the assumptions. The scienstists who make this evidence into powerful assumptions about the past, actually become strong authorities, requiring those who who listen to them to faithfully believe in their construct about origins. These strong authorities are developing natural religion. We can define religion as the rules that come from strong authorities who construct the rules of how we live and believe.

    The most elementary strong authorities that make religious rules for living is the family mum and dad, who together construct family values and moral rules for each other and their children. The next level of strong authorities would be Governments who construct social values and state laws upon their subjects. Governments have made laws so not to interfere with the freedom of man tofaithfully follow any organized religion of their own choosing. One could say that secular religionsare known as clubs, where people gather with common interests to pursue some activity. Culture is really a secular form of religion where a large group ofpeople follow a common set of rules in which they choose to live by.

    The most powerful form of religions are those that claim to "save" the person who attends the religionfaithfully basking under it's strong authorities' power. In the past most religions served and worshippedheavenly strong authorities in the form of deities they could relate to as engineered images or idols.

    Today as society becomes sophisticated, mankind has developed himself into his own religion that "saves".This religion can be called "naturalism" or as the Bible defines it the "god of forces".

  • Da 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
  • 39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

    This brand new god, predicted from Daniel 11, comes after Roman times and before 1844, the end of the2300 day prophecy, thus this strange new god of forces comes between the 17th and 18th century. Naturalismor the religion of Evolutionism, is this "god of forces" that has become a fortress of science, thatsways people alike into believing faithfully in her discovery of assumptions of the past and future, "solving" mankind's problems..

    During the French revolution the "god of reason" became the religion of "humanism" or "atheism", "doing as you please", and this is what Evolutionism teaches, only the fittest survive in their dog eat dog world. See further studies in an older religion revamped.

    Creation science which started meekly with various scientists such as :-

  • Louis Pasteur, who discovered many diseases were caused by germs and showed that life comes only from life;
  • Gregor Mendel who discovered genetics;
  • Carolus Linnaeus who developed the modern classification system;
  • and Edvard Bligh, who formed the concept of natural selection by breeding for new species of animals and plants (sadly lost his creation science love and adopted evolution science towards the end of his career);

    But then Darwin came along and hijacked many Creation science models of origins and created a different view of origins without the need for a Divine Creator.

    Creation science has tried over the years to define itself. There are terms such as:-

  • Special evolution - a term used to suggest changes that allow species to change.
  • General theory of evolution - a term used to suggest the evolution of life from nonliving things, the changes of bacteria into multicellular organiams with new features such as hair, skin, wings and feathers.

    More recently Creation science has tried to define changes within kinds as microevolution and changes fromone kind of animal to another kind of animal as macro-evolution. Sadly evolutionists are forming these wordsinto meanings of their own, suggesting that microevolution is the changes within a species, and macroevolutionis the changes required to make a brand new species. This would make sense to an Evolutionist as two kinds of animals are far apart and many intermediate species would be required to progress from one kind to another kind.

    What we are seeing today is the domination of Evolution science over Creation science, with termsthat are not currently well defined. The purpose of this paper is to define brand new terms for Creation science to challenge Evolutionary theory at the molecular level.

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