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Hebrew Studies, femaleness-love ahabuh fellowship nurture love

HYPOTHESIS: What does "ahabuh" mean?

INTRODUCTION: The study of maleness-love and femaleness-love should be interesting, especially to compare the two concepts of love. The Bible does not have a single word for "love", it has two words for love, "ahab" and "ahabuh". What do these two words mean ? And how do they relate to each other in contexts?

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek (phileo) is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew.


The pictograph reads "The strong Person Behold! in the Home, (relating to another) Person. Behold!"

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word means "femaleness-love", not strictly related to sexual gender, but a personality trait to show fellowship love, nurture love, or marriage-like love.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The application of this word is interesting. Femaleness love is relational as the pictograph of the word shows. Femaleness love is emotionally based, whereas maleness-love is physically based, as broad summations.


For more details please read the discussions, of 100+ verses.

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