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four basic steps to being saved

SECOND STEP TO JESUS Q1: What is the second step ?

There four basic steps to being saved :-

(1) The sinners need of JesusThe Saviour Principle
(2) Returning Home - RepentanceThe Home Principle
(3) Confession & ConsecrationThe Power Principle
(4) Faith, Acceptance, Growing, Testing The Fruit Principle

So far on this journey we have learned the hardest step of all is the Saviour Principle. This means giving your will daily to Jesus.

Now we consider the next step to Jesus, the Home Principle.

Returning home to Jesus is called in Scripture repentance by Bible translations. When Mum or Dad call out to their children "come home" the child drops what they were doing, and runs quickly home, never looking back. This is the second step to Jesus, listening to the still small voice of the conscience and obediently returning home. God bless our returning home to His family. Shalom

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