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Study of maleness love, agape, ahab

HYPOTHESIS: What does "ahad" mean?

INTRODUCTION: Nearly all people see "love" as a single concept. The Bible actually has "two" concepts for "love", and while both genders express love, the concepts relate to personality traits. The two Hebrew words for love are "ahad" and "ahabuh". Most translations translate both words as "love" but this is missing the Hebrew context of culture altogether. There is much to learn about Hebrew "love" if we study these two words carefully. See also study of "ahabuh" or "femaleness-love".

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew. The Greek word "agape" is the same as Hebrew "ahab" and thus studied here. It is not as some Pastors see, "agape" as some mystery love that only belonged to God.


The pictograph reads "The Strong Person ! Behold! in the Home"

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "ahab" means "maleness-love". This is a personality trait mostly expressed by gender males, but sometimes also by gender females, and is the "love" that "provides, protects and guards".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The Hebrew pictograph tells us an interesting concept into "maleness-love".

Strongs 1,2,3,4. Here is the Hebrew word for "father". The strong one in the home. It is also the meaning for fruit, because Dad was the bread winner, the one who brought good things like food into the home.

Strongs 253,337, 338. This word is the "Strong Person! Behold!" in this case bellowing as a cow for a lost calf, or parents yelling for their lost child, or one who sighs strongly for something gone.

Strongs 1887, 1888, 1889. The person Behold! Meaning to draw attention to something important. This a direct contrast to the Hebrew word to "sigh" or "bellow".

.... Strongs 157. When the Strong Person flows in the home, such actions are known as his love. From this family concept, the strong person flowing in the home, is what we term "love" and is the Bible's definition of "love". Notice this father's actions in the home is a direct display of his love in the home. Thus the father's love

(1) protects

(2) provides

(3) shelters

(4) guards his family, keeping them safe.

The discussion will add further details to the "maleness-love" study, one that promises to surprise and amaze....! There are many verses to read and study...some 300+ of them...


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