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The third step of salvation, prayer

THIRD STEP TO JESUS Q1: What is the third step ?

There four basic steps to being saved :-

(1) The sinners need of JesusThe Saviour Principle
(2) Returning Home - RepentanceThe Home Principle
(3) Confession & ConsecrationThe Power Principle
(4) Faith, Acceptance, Growing, Testing The Fruit Principle

So far on this journey we have learned the hardest step of all is the Saviour Principle. This means giving your will daily, to Jesus. It is the hardest step of them all because humans resist making a conscious decision to allow Jesus into their lives at all.

Also we have learned of the easier step to taking Jesus' words with us, through Bible study, through our eyes seeing Jesus work of Creation and through our ears hearing Jesus speak to us directly via the Holy Spirit in our conscience. Thus we are weathered humble, to receive Jesus daily germinating in our hearts. This actual study though easy to achieve, is harder than deciding to give Jesus your will. Now the human has to work on maintaining his or her humbleness, and this is either an obligated work of Baal religion, or a love response to Jesus love germinating in us.

Now we consider the next step to Jesus, the Power Principle. The Power Principle is all about prayer. Prayer is not taking Jesus' power in vain (Father's third commandment principle in the Ten commandments). To experience this step well, the Christian needs to develop the attitude of meekness, the ability to remain secure in Jesus, without presumptuous use of such power flowing through us. Shalom

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