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Hebrew Studies, wind, Holy Spirit, character

HYPOTHESIS: What does wind mean?

INTRODUCTION: There is a special wind mentioned in Scripture known as the Holy Spirit.

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew. Both noun and verb tenses covered as well.


The pictograph reads "The HEAD secure outside"

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "ruwach" means wind. This is not a Hebrew word for ordinary wind, but a special medium power, administrated by the Holy Spirit.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The Scriptures consistently presents the wind as a special wind found in three contexts :

(1) The wind of life

(2) The wind of man

(3) The wind of GOD

(1) The wind of life can refer to breathing in wind, or exhaling wind and is the hidden force of the Father administrated by the Holy Spirit as the "life force" within all living things, both animals, plants and human beings.

(2) The wind of man, is a reference to the character of man, a special quality administrated by the Holy Spirit and recorded for future references beyond death (sleep). Thus enables GOD to resurrect sleeping humans into the same character set they were before they died.

(3)The wind of GOD, is a reference to the character of the Father or Jesus, a special quality administrated by the Holy Spirit. Thus the Holy Spirit is able to represent other Beings communicating through the Holy Spirit. This makes the Holy Spirit into a medium, where communication channels can be opened or closed depending upon the way humans respect the Holy Spirit, a special Comforter for those living with sinning.

Some say when we die there is an immortal spirit that leaves our body and returns to GOD. This is true there is an immortal spirit within our bodies all the time, but this medium power is called the HOLY SPIRIT, not some force humans have direct control over. When you die, your life force facilities end that very day, your thoughts perish and the Holy Spirit takes your "spirit or character" recorded back to the Family of GOD.

This is a fascinating detailed study of all verses that have "ruwach" in them, both OT and NT, a very long study that promises to surprise and show your different Scripture insight into the Holy Spirit and how this medium power works among mankind.

For example here is a rare find about the personality of the Holy Spirit.

Ho 4:19 The wind Holy Spirit(ruwach) hath bound her up in her wings , and they shall be ashamed because of their sacrifices . reference

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DISCUSSION: See over 700 verses in context, with discussions for some verses throughout.

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