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Action plan steps for Revival of the Holy Spirit.

8. Action plan Steps to Revival by Holy Spirit.

Let's develop the four simple Steps to be filled with Breath of Salvation, by the Holy Spirit.

Action Plan for Filling...

  • Ps 85:6 Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

    The human heart is a simile of the mind and has two stages for receiving and providing love.

    The heart is actually two pumps for each cycle of turning depressed love into refreshed love. Every morning before tribulation begins believe in your need of a Saviour, and receive His Seed. This power begins in the former rains of the Holy Spirit and through prayer is refreshed and filled with the latter rains of the Holy Spirit as the life germinating principle of the Father: ready to seed others as refreshing femaleness-love.

    Jer 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have maleness-loved thee with an everlasting femaleness-love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

    This heart flow is written in the first four of the Ten Commandments:

  • Ho 13:4 Ex 20:1 .. there is no Saviour beside me.

  • Ex 20:4 Make NOT unto thee any graven image,..

  • Ex 20:7 Take NOT God's Name in vain;..

  • Ex 20:8 Remember the sabbath day is holy..

    These are the four commandments from the Father's Ten commandments. They show a maleness-love that provides, protects and empowers..

    (1) NEED. Every day give your will to Jesus. Be humble not proud. Know that your weak, and need a Saviour. I need my Saviour everyday.

    (2) SEED. Take specific WORDS from Scripture as SEED, and spend time with those words. Once you have done this repentance or turning home to Jesus in heaven, the NEED for SEED leaves your right heart or mind, and begins it's daily journey for GOD.

    (3) FREED. Now you can PRAY to be FREED. Ask for POWER, for the SEED promises to work in your life. Pray for overcoming propensities and sin. Ask Jesus to blast away like a space rocket, the guilt from your life.

    (4) Finally God's LOVE is ready, and empowered to leave your left heart and work for other cells in your body. You are able to redeem others with God's love, who come because of the character glow of GOD they see in you.

    Once you have this filling of GOD's love, you are complete in your Revival of the Holy Spirit, only if you give these fruits of the Holy Spirits, to your neighbour, to others in a show of redeeming femaleness-love, a love that nurtures, cares and socially relates to others.

    Action Plan for Emptying...

    Ex 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother:

    Ex 20:13 No kill.

    Ex 20:14 No adultery

    Ex 20:15 No steal.

    Ex 20:16 No false witness...

    Ex 20:17 Thou shalt not desire thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not desire thy neighbour's wife..

    These are the six commandments from the Father's Ten commandments. They show a femaleness-love that receives, nurtures and networks families..

    (1) Respect your parents, your families, your grandparents, and spend quality time with them.

    (2) Respect life, be a conservationist, be kind to all living things, be tolerant of all the 360 different ways a Christian gum tree grows in Christ, learn to be respectful of others and their unique way of living, which is different from you.

    (3) Be a relationship maker, not a relationnship breaker. If you have the Holy Spirit of Jesus in you, God subdues the lust for seek to build and edify others, not tear them down, or abuse them.

    (4) Lust for a better worldly covering will not satisfy, you who are rich should seek others who are poor, and give them the basics of living.

    (5) Speak well of others, do not gossip and slander them behind their back. Find something good to speak about a person and focus on that.

    (6) Desire Jesus, not what you see in others, who may be better in Jesus than you. Be content with how Jesus and you are.

    Once you have this filling of GOD's love, you are complete in your Revival of the Holy Spirit, when you empty yourself of God's power, by showing redeeming love to others. Each Sabbath day you come hungry and thirsty for more of GOD, because you have given away God's blessings during the week. As some say 'charity begins at home' and indeed it does. The Pastor of the earthly home is the husband, the wife is his church and the children as the congregation. As a small typology of heaven, the earthly elohiym, is a simile of the heavenly Elohiym. How this love is cycled within the earthly home becomes a picture for us all, how love is cycled in heaven. Thus our world view of GOD is typified by our object lessons on earth. No wonder Satan wants to destroy these poetry pictures of God's love.

    Practice everyday, these four steps to be filled with GOD's love that provides, and practice the six steps of fellowship love that redeems your family and others around you. Shalom

    On the next web page, let us review this love from the heavenly Elohiym.

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