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A study of Jesus as the Son of Elohim as found in the Old Testament.

Q1: Can we find Jesus in the Old Testament?

Hypothesis: Who was Jesus ?

Introduction: Many religions such as the Jews and Muslims lay claim to a single numerical ONE of Strong Authority, saying

De 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD

This Bible phrase written in the Hebrew language for Hebrew people is correct, and it is we who have to change our thinking about what GOD means. The problem is we are all trained to think like the Greeks who loved details but this kind of thinking must change. When I was asked by GOD to study Hebrew as words in my Bible a long time ago, I was disappointed in the inconsistency of the KJV translation into English, and this bothered me greatly. The Lord led me to Jeff Benner�s work in Ancient Hebrew Research Center, and was joyful to discover one other human who also agreed with me about similar problems with Hebrew translations. The work of Jeff is very profound and He started the concept of reading my Bible in Ancient Hebrew thought. Sometimes we may disagree over minor matters of reading Hebrew, but I would recommend Jeff Benner for all of us to begin the journey into thinking as Hebrew people do and start seeing the Bible in both OT and NT as one written from a Hebrew mind set. Shalom with your studies.

Conclusion: The Bible is called the Old Testament and New Testament for good reason. Moses was given a revelation by the messenger of Yahweh and wrote these messages down as the Torah. In fact the �messenger of Yahweh� is a very common BEING in the Old Testament who speaks to Abraham, Moses and Joshua and others, showing this BEING was sent by Yahweh to reveal Yahweh to mankind and Yahweh�s love and salvation for humans.

In the New Testament the messenger of Yahweh also was sent to show the same salvation and the same message of love, but this time to make complete some aspects not fully completed in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, one found missing from the mark had to package their sinning unto a sin-offering for human sacrifice to suffer your ongoing death for that sin-offering while the sinner receives the sacrificed human�s ongoing life. This amazing exchange of ongoing life for your ongoing death, demonstrates the love one human has for another, so you can live. Since ongoing living was always conditional in the Eden tree of life based on free will, mankind who is mortal was always indebted to GOD for providing this ongoing living. This relationship is a faith relationship based on grace to a higher power that comes NOT from within yourself. Since missing the mark, no human blood, no angel blood, and no animal blood was able to make such sacrifice potent enough or powerful enough to satisfy the demands of torah, it was foretold that the messenger of Yahweh was to be sent to show Adam, He as the promised SEED, would come through a woman to offer the sin-offering of love. The messenger of Yahweh who came in both Old Testament and New Testament revelations of the Father-Yahweh�s love for salvation, was Jesus the messenger of Father-Yahweh, known as Son-Yahweh in this study.

Application: Many are confused over the meaning of the Hebrew word Elohiym (or spelled Elohim). The word is clearly a singular concept written as a plural. How does this make sense to us in our Greek Western thinking? It doesn�t. One has to think like Hebrews in the mindset of Hebrew people. Hebrew people consider everything connected from its parts, the whole machinery of life is united as a whole. A tree is made from trunks, limbs, branches, twigs and leaves, but in the Hebrew mindset they are considered a whole.

In the mindset of Hebrew people, this picture shows ONE tree, a very large one with many trunks and limbs and leaves.

In Papua New Guinea the cultures there are similar to Hebrew thinking too, and they would consider the colour of a tree canopy for instance as green, while an artist would try to capture the texture of dozens of colours before him. If a Melanesian person wanted lots of timber to make something he spoke of getting timber in pidgin as a large singular object, rather than many smaller objects in quantity. The pidgin language is expressive and colourful, simple and powerful much like Hebrew as a language is. Consider this picture:-

In the mindset of Hebrew people, this picture shows ONE Elohiym, a very large family with many children and mother and father.

When Elohiym made Eve from Adam, she was a genetic clone. Thus Adam had Eve inside him when He himself was formed. When Eve was built later from Adam, God took difference subsets of personality known as two types of love, and placed some in gender male and some in gender female, and together with the children so what we see in the picture is a family. But from a Hebrew mind set the picture also tells us we have �One human�, �One complete set of love�; �One complete set of personalities�; and �One complete flesh�.

Why did GOD make Adam in this way ? Because Adam became lonely and there was no help-mate for him. Love for animals is nice but it is not enough. Love is a concept that must be given and taken and shared between members of its own kind. Happiness only comes when love flows around the entities in a family. There is some success in love flowing out to other humans, to other Beings like angels, to other animals and to helping nature in her decaying cycles of living, but the love that is most blissful and complete; comes from love given and received within the family entities. Remove other family entities and love becomes narcissistic and selfish, pointless and purposelessness.

The best English way of explaining �Elohiym� is the �FAMILY Powers of GOD�. The explanation begins with a singular-plural word and ends with a singular concept. In the middle is a word meaning the flow of power from one entity or entities to the other entity. So for example, when Jesus created the heaven and the earth He created them through the medium of the Holy Spirit, who changes the power from the Father, so as the Son spoke, The Holy Spirit using the Father�s power, empowered whatever the Son commanded to be. Thus in essence ONE undertook Creation, but all the powers of heaven were involved.

Another way to look at this is how salvation in a dysfunctional world works. There is a minimum requirement for three Strong Authorities to sustain a dysfunctional universe of sinners, so Elohiym can sustain "their missing the mark" while not destroying them; and at the same time allowing some to be saved if they choose to. The Father-Yahweh is fixed in heaven as the source of all power. The Shadday ( or Holy Spirit) administrates an active medium capable of changing the Father�s power channeled through the medium daily for dysfunctional people so they can exist while walking away from Elohiym or towards Elohiym. The Father-Yahweh sent His Son to earth to bring salvation to those found missing the mark. This salvation flows through the Father via the medium of the Holy Spirit but is administrated by Jesus, who is our Saviour and Redeemer. So you can see no single one of Strong Authority can approach mankind while they are fallen, nor can salvation flow from one Strong Authority to save a sinner, without destroying the sinner. Thus all three Strong Authorities work together as a "single unit" for the sustaining of the universe and for the salvation of sinners, and in this sense as well we have the concept of a singular Elohiym, despite the word being grammatically plural.

There is only one Elohiym in heaven, as there is only one Family of heavenly powers in heaven. The Hebrew word �el� means the �single numerical ONE of Strong Authority� , thus there are three persons within this Family each with unique personalities and expressions of love. The poetry pictures of the Bible are meant to be similes for love, for Elohiym and for salvation. These pictures are not meant to be strictly literal in every way, for we see darkly through the eyes of condemnation through generations of missing the mark. However these pictures are the only similes we have showing the representation of salvation, love and a Family that loves us and sent His only Son to die for us and save us. Shalom

Discussion: The study continues on other webpages for those wanting more details and more evidence to based their faith upon�.

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