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steps to Jesus in chronological order

STEPS TO JESUS Q1: What are the Salvation Steps to Jesus ?

Jesus is a "strong authority".

Most of us know something about Jesus. Yeah you gotta read Scripture and pray and stuff like that. Maybe do good to others. OK, maybe you know.... but are you sure this is all there is ? Does Scripture explain certain steps ? Are they listed in chronological order ? With authority ? In one place ?

WOW ! What a challenge to any priest or pastor out there ? What must man do to be saved ? What are the exact chronological Scripture steps of salvation found in one passage of Scripture? Surely God would have such a passage ? I asked God this question many years ago. Yes there is such a passage. It's really the good news of salvation. To find out, you must read on. Shalom

For those who want a brief overview of the Salvation steps to Jesus found in one passage of Scripture,

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