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Sowing Seeds...

So you want to sow your own words about SS and make contact?


Welcome to the country down under.

You are most welcome to email me at: [email protected]

The following is a list of those who make contact and their comments:-

(1) 2012 by Emmanuel Higgens:

  • Thank you Rob for a great website. It must take hours of work. I like the simple way you explain things in Steps to Christ.

    (2) 2014 by Garth Bertrand:

  • Good morning Rob and thank you for the link its was really inspirational and helpful. To God be praise. And yes we have to really thank God for the Holy Spirit; and, I trust that by this discourse, many will check themselves, and see where they stand with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how they reflect and let God lead in their lives as evident by their relation with their fellow man.

    (3) Aug 2014 by Free Wilson:

  • In that link , there are some significant problems. The first problem that wind is not a medium--air is a medium and wind is movement of that air. From there the whole thing gets off on the wrong foot. Secondly, it risks reducing the Holy Spirit to an impersonal force. Thirdly, it could cause confusion with human mediums, those of the occult, as though the Holy Spirit were merely some channel. This, too, could reduce the Holy Spirit to an impersonal force. Fourthly, I am quite certain that ruwach does not mean '"Holy Spirit" in all contexts of Scripture.' Lastly, and certainly not least, it just goes way too far into speculation, far past Scripture.

    Re-corrected the webpage, so thanks for the critical comment. Rob.

    (4) Sep 2014 by Chopper Wells:

  • Hi Rob, my new friend. I checked out your web site, very well done. I shall send those with questions to your web site for help. Thank you for making it available.

    (5) October2019 by Ron Beaulieu:

  • Greetings - A wonderful website you have! Ron died in September. Another individual is keeping it going for now. I am trying to tie up some loose ends but am not going to be corresponding with individuals. Thanks for your interest. Shirley

    (6) September 2020 by Hayley Dodd:

  • Your message here intriguing. Is it really that simple?

    (7) 8 Dec 2020 at 6:39 am by Franck

  • I discovered your website while browsing the forum. It contains a lot of really good information.

    Spiritual Springs comes from Scripture.

    "maqowr"� Strong 4726. ��Means fountain

    The flow from the palms secures the head.

    This Hebrew word means fountain, the idea is the action of your hands securely details your mind. In other words what you do is who you are.God imparts a flow from His hands into your mind, imparting a powerflow of good things from Him to you, the humble mindful servant.

    Consider my use of " spiritual springs" for the word "maqowr" forsome other verses "fountain" would be better.

    Pr 10:11 The mouth of a righteous man are " spiritual - springs" of life..

    Pr 14:27 The fear of the LORD is a " spiritual - springs" of life..

    Pr 18:4 � The words of a man's mouth are as deep waters,

    as the spiritual springs of wisdom ,

    as a flowing brook. � � � � � � � (Poetry similes)

    Jer 17:13 Those lost have .. forsaken the LORD, the " spiritual springs" of living waters.

    The spiritual springs are a poetry symbol of the flow of Jesus' power through the Holy Spirit to His people, saved by His grace and obedient to His torah of salvation. God bless. Shalom

    A little about me ...

    I was born way out west in the country of New South Wales, Australia, and grew up as a "black sheep" in my family, spending many years alone in the bush. Thinking myself as a Christian from age 17, I became baptised at age 21 by Pastor Cole, at Armidale, in the Seventh Day Adventist denomination. I grew up reading my paper KJV Bible with a paper concordance just like any normal Christian might. One day while attending a country church I was invited by the elder to some secret meetings. It was about James Stump who came from USA to Australia in 2003 to speak to us in a humble way about the Holy Spirit as a force of the Father, thus there are only two members of the Godhead. I read his large paper book and was struck by how little I knew about Scripture. So I prayed to God for an answer to this question. God impressed me to buy an electronic Bible for $20. And when it arrived I discovered I could right Hebrew and Greek in interlinear ways easily and find the read Hebrew meanings of Scripture. After some hundreds of hours of study and research, I was ready to answer my Elder, but he refused to listen. I sent my child like studies to my scholars in the Church and they threw out my conclusions.

    Over the years even my faithful Church scholar who teaches Greek and Hebrew, did not agree with me. He told me to purchase James Barr, a book students have to study at College, learning Hebrew. In that book, James Barr speaks of the Hebrew root fallacy, a term I found wrong...there is alot of proof that Hebrew words did make some related sense, and that Hebrew words do not have multiple meanings as much as scholars make out.

    One day I stumbled across Jeff Benner and was surprised at how similar our thinking was over Hebrew words. We both believed Hebrew has a single basic meaning throughout all the contexts the word is used in Scripture. So I studied his website, and while we disagree sometimes over words, his website is really a breath of fresh air for anybody wanting to learn and understand our Scriptures in Hebrew.

    I was a teacher, who likes slow learners and loves to keep things simple. I do not like fancy words that scholars make up to explain Scripture, when the Hebrew does not do this. We all have to be of child like faith, and that means keeping things simple, but exploring everything about a theme. I do not leave anything unturned, in my quest to discover the child like things about GOD. My Mum reckons I am a deep thinker, but I don't think so. If we are babes in Christ growing up into maturity seeking stronger meat, how many years of our lifetime should we spend on milk? Do we continue reading and trusting our Scriptures in English, rather than in the language it was written?

    We know the Devil is roaring and his time is s hort...Masons clash knowledge with in a quest to keep things simple, one has to make our faith based entirely on Sola Scriptoria. This way we avoid man-made ideas... Being a science teacher, I battled with evolution, materialism and humanism, which are the three frogs that come from Satan's mouth as a new religion not known before our forefathers (Dan 11:35-38; Rev 16:13). Since 1700's when Daniel 11 makes this prophecy fulfil, science has become a public religion, where mankind world wide trusts science to solve all our answers. But science is like humanism always changing its theories and it's conclusions. God's theories of faith do not change and are founded in Scripture from as far back as 3000 BC, long before Moses wrote them down. Jeff Benner presents Ancient Hebrew as a new method to read Scripture, and I like this simple child like method of reading Hebrew words.

    My aim is to Sow His Seed in others, Matthew 13:3.

    I also love the Scripture steps to being saved by Jesus, both the former rains of Jesus, via the Holy Spirit, and the latter rains of Jesus, via the Holy Spirit. Salvation is the most important devotion of Spiritual Springs, and I trust it helps readers find in a deeper love for God, and encourages your faith in Him.

    As one with child like faith, I have learned from Sola Scriptoria, a deeper understanding of faith, and what faith really means. It is a journey of training and learning to grow in more of Jesus' power, especially with prayer and fasting. Shalom

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