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This is a 3,500 BC inscription showing very old Hebrew letters, the first letter is easy to see, the second letter is drawn over in red by the Author.

God is pictured as "AJ" or "el", the "strong authority". The strong shepherd. Shalom

Where in Scripture in one passage, in correct chronological order, are listed the personal salvational steps to Jesus, that guarentee salvation if you do them daily? Such steps are found in the Bible book of Jesus, but you probably don't know such a passage, nor do you understand a Book called Jesus. That's because the message and spellings are hidden. Please spend time with this simple journey of Scripture learning how to be saved. God bless you.

Jesus compares His power in us as a tiny seed. We are the soil. The Holy Spirt is the water and the air. Jesus and the Father are the sunlight. What all this means is Christians begin getting started slowly and weakly. � � Do not expect "great changes" all at once, getting started with Him.

This website teaches you how to have a functional relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants to save all of us. As seeds and plants of different kinds, we grow at different rates. We make different fruits. So let's learn together. As a young lad of 17 I first met Jesus, and we grew slowly together. Only after 30 years listening to Him, has our relationship become deeper... So my friend, we want to share some secrets of the spiritual life with you. Not to discourage, but encourage, and show you how to get started in GOD. The Science of Salvation is truly exciting. Shalom !

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