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Q4: Welcome to prayer training by Jesus..

Understand the childlike foundations first:-

(1) How to support Jesus , how to receive "Faith" power daily.

(2) Former rains in Jesus, learning to keep the mind prepared.

(3) Latter rains in Jesus. Keeping spiritual revival going.

(4) You are ready for prayer training. How to experience deeper flow from Jesus through prayer and fasting.

Let's continue with childlike training by Jesus, seven years ago:-

My strong authority be praised ! Jesus is talking to me, through my conscience in prayer.

  • Prayer is listening to Jesus.

    Me: "..Lord, how do I know it's you talking to me and not myself..";

    AJ: " don't.."

    Me: "..I see..

    AJ: "..there is always room for doubt.."

    Me: "..but other's will say its only my own self talk ?.."

    AJ: "...that is not your concern.."

    Me: "..people will think I am mad.."

    AJ: "..the inspired man finds hatred among his own.."

    Me: "...I see.."

    AJ: " not lose faith.. you know I am with you.."

    Me: "..yes Lord I know.."

    AJ: ".. my child.."

    This dialogue is for the reader, and shows one can doubt the still small voice of Jesus via the Holy Spirit talking to you. We often listen to Satan because He is a still small voice that easily appeals to our fleshy nature. Jesus and the Holy Spirit on the other hand, are still small voices that oppose the human fleshy nature, and thus if you hear an instruction contrary to one's natural will, it may be the voice of God. Learn to discern Jesus talk.

    Other scholars pine away the still small voice as a Hebrew idiom, and thus conclude that God does not talk audibly to man. Doubt if you want to. Faith is the oppposite of doubt.

    When you support Jesus with His words in prayer, your "Faith" is based on a hopeful flow. The "theory of faith" that Jesus talks audibly to us as the "still small voice" in your conscience, as my friend, is based on some evidence, a few Scripture verses, but like "faith", faith is defined as power flows we do not fully understand, but can use if we choose to do so. We are happy to use "electricity" but electricity is a power we do not fully understand, but happily use it. Are we so dull in our faith that Jesus and the Holy Sprit can actually talk audibly through our conscience as the "still small voice" ? God bless those who experiment sucessfully with the Science of Salvation. Shalom

    The Author updates his comments in brown, written in September 2018. The older childlike comments written here are seven years ago, are unedited and unchanged. There is a reason for this. A follower of Jesus does NOT have to know everything to experience Jesus. We live and grow by the light we know. It is interesting to read over our past doings and learn our progress in Jesus. Shalom

    Here is an index to the prayers or Psalms:

    (1) Christians as trees

    (2) Kiss the Grain

    (3) Unleavened Bread Feast

    (4) Safety and Peace

    (5) Kings and Thorns

    (6) Healing

    (7) Genetic propensities

    (8) Babies and faith

    (9) Troubles and headaches

    (10) Stress

    (11) Birds

    (12) The Name of Jesus

    (13) Our heart feelings

    (14) Evolution as a religion

    (15) Who dwells in heaven?

    (16) Gethesame

    (17) Apple of my eye

    (18) Jesus comes to my help

    (19) The glory of GOD

    (20) Jesus our help mate

    (21) Give us thy blessings

    (22) Jesus' prayer on the Cross

    (23) The Lord is my Shepherd (song)

    (24) Who will ascend to heaven?

    (25) Hard Scriptures and mockers

    (26) Wholly supporting Jesus

    (27) Detailing how to pray

    (28) How to pray - Father not silent

    (29) How to pray to Jesus the Son of God

    (30) Healing my broken relationship

    (31) Saviour as Father and Jesus rock

    (32) Prayer of forgiveness

    (33) God as a Divine Family

    (34) Feminine pictures of a Divine Family

    (35) Holy Spirit as messenger of YHWH-Jesus

    David's prayers must support Jesus

    Looking for support in child like poetry prayers

    Youthful poetry prayers support Jesus

    Youthful poetry prayers

    Grandparents by the Author, aged 16.

    Creation/Salvation Prayer Poems

    (36) Masturbation, propensities, shadows of God

    (37) The Heavenly Family supports us.

    (38) Removing our guilt, eye of rage, surrender, Lord Yashua

    Next we look at the first prayer of David.

    Prayer theme

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