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    Many years ago in my youth, I was learning to become a believer in Jesus reading my KJV Bible and praying occasionally, wondering how does one really become saved, and what steps are involved if any?

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    Is there any Scripture authority listing the processes in some order?

    Than I asked the Lord to show a Scripture passage that listed the Steps to Jesus in chronological order in a single Holy Writing passage. Jesus showed me this very passage. Now I challenge any pastor or priest out there...

    "Where do you find in one Scripture passage the exact chronological order of steps a sinner has to take in order to be saved by Jesus?"

    Hint: You will not find such a passage in the New Testament, because when Jesus came to our earth to save us, the only Writings around in Jesus' time was His Old Testament Writings.

    How could a believer be saved by Jesus in the Old Testament, if no process of salvation also existed in the Old Testament times?

    God does not change (Mal 3:6), so we expect the same salvation process to exist across both Old and New Testaments.

    A young rich man ran to Jesus once and asked Him, �Good Master what I must do to be saved?� Indeed there are works that a man must do to be saved each day? Yes, the process of salvation is a daily active principle of action that all people must do to be saved. Now without further ado, let us look into the Book of Salvation and see these wonderful promises..

    The Book of Hosea also known as the Book of Salvation, or the Book of Yeshua (Jesus), tells the story of a Man of God who was asked to take an "adulterous sinner" for his wife. This book in the Holy Writings is the story of Jesus, the Man of God taking us individually for marriage. The parallels and the poetry of pictures make this book a fascinating study for all time. At the end of this little book of Jesus runs the most wonderful themes of salvation ever recorded in one place in Scripture. Beginning on the last chapter are the chronological steps a sinner has to take in order to be individually saved by Jesus' power flowing in him or her. These steps will outline the Salvation Science and using Ancient Hebrew script we will see the original message God intended in this beautiful passage of scripture. Shalom

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