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Steps to Jesus, self indulgance

Q1 What is the first principle of Self Indulgence ? ..Self-powered..

The King James translation do not have a single word for "self" or "self indulgence" or even "selfish". However the Hebrew Scripture does have a concept for "self". See studies of the "self-powered" ones. There are dozens of words around the theme of "self", "self-powered" and the "self-indulgent" person.

To help the reader with this study, a brief overview is given in the next webparts. For a serious reader, wanting to prove my studies the following "word studies" are given here below.

I trust you will read all about self indulgence. How 'self - indulgence' keeps our will from being willing to submit to Jesus, who should be our stronger authority, every second of our lives. Shalom

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Index of verses that relate to the theme of "self" and "self indulgence" :-

��� "high" "strongs 1364"

��� "bold" "strongs 6277"

��� "unclean" "strongs 2931"

��� "whole" "strongs 8535"

��� "bad" "strongs 7451"

��� "foolish" "strongs 191"

��� "kindness" "strongs 2617"

��� "wise" "strongs 2450"

��� "eye" "strongs 5869"

��� "cling" "strongs 982"

��� "heart" "strongs 3820"

��� "fool" "strongs 3684"

��� "empty-storm" "Strongs 7723"

"straight-path" "Strongs 6662"

��� "lofty" "strongs 1365"

��� "high" "Strongs 7312"

��� "walking-pride" "Strongs 1346"

��� "leave" "Strongs 5800"

��� "wicked" "Strongs 7562"

��� "wicked-immoral" "Strongs 5766"

��� "denial" "Strongs 3585"

��� "fill" "Strongs 7646"

��� "forget" "Strongs 7911"

��� "boiling-pride" "Strongs 2087"

��� "deceiving-debt" "Strongs 5377"

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