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To fill with self..

HYPOTHESIS: What does "saba`" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is an interesting word. In our continued studies about the them of "self" and "self indulgence" the concept of to "fill" will be interesting. For the self indulgent the idea of being full of excess and abundance comes to mind. Let's see where this study leads us.

METHOD: See all verses in the OT

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "saba`" is to "fill".


��� "fill" "Strongs 7646" The pictograph means "The thorns of the home from our eye". This picture is static nouns. Perhaps the Hebrew action pictures are better . "Protecting the home from the eye".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: This is a strange pictograph for meaning. I like the idea of action, for thorns are prickly objects that do harm to enemies, or they harm us depending upon your view. In this case perhaps the idea here is to "protect the home from the eye", since the eye is normally prone to lust in need of want, if one is to fill the home with plenty, the eye will be satisfied ? Or does GOD use another technique to protect our home (our soul) from the eye of lust ? Perhaps GOD makes us go without indulgence on purpose ! Read some examples in the verses and see how GOD protects the home from the eye !!

DISCUSSION: See comments in text

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