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The fool or foolish..

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "eviyl" mean?

INTRODUCTION: The word "eviyl" was not invented by God to hurt people or their feelings. The word "evivyl" comes from the idea that people can be their own strong authorities. Let's do the study and see this.

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METHOD: All verses studied.

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "eviyl" means "fool" or "foolish". Another meaning quite OK is the "self-powered" or "self-powered person". This new meaning is more aligned with Ancient Hebrew and Bible verses of context.

PICTURE: � � � �

�� "fool" The pictograph means "your authority that's secure & active is strong ???" It's a play on contradiction ! The concept is opposite to the caring authority of Jesus, what King James translates as 'god'. ���� "a god"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: God does not make up words to condemn people. The "caring strong authority of Jesus" is a word that contrasts with "your authority that's secure and active, is strong". So how is your own authority going ? If its going great, that you don't need another stronger authority telling you what to do. So Jesus don't stand a chance. The word "fool" is a poor word for "evivyl" because today we take offense at the meaning of "fool". A better word could be "self-powered".

Anyway you get the idea of "fool". Its a nice word, that simply means one who is running their life as a god, using their own secure and active power. What does GOD think of "self-powered" humans ? Really folks can you ever have a "self-powered" human, without Satan and without God ? My understanding of quantum physics, and GOD, is without GOD all life would cease to exist in an instant. So really there is no such thing as a "Self-powered" human. Such a concept only exists morally, but not physically. �

� � �All living things, both wicked and righteous are supported indirectly by GOD. Even Satan gets his life support from GOD too, like we do. However, the question of eternity is not about how you are physically supported, but on moral issues. Will you give your will to Jesus, daily every day, so He can also empower you in a emotional, and spiritual world ? Or will you just enjoy your few years of probation and Jesus' mercy physically, abusing Him morally and just live for the sake of indulgance ? That is our decision. And its a moral one. Shalom

Summary of the self powered person :- The self powered person ...

  • (1)... does not like wisdom or instruction. ( Pr 1:7)
  • (2)...loves the feelings of lust, sexual temptations and playing with sensual luxury.(Pr 7:22)
  • (3) not speak well, they tend to speak many words of rambling.(Pr 10:21)
  • (4) right in his or her own eyes. (Pr 12:15 )
  • (5) known by his wrath, anger and emotional changes of voice.(Pr 12:16)
  • (6)...makes a mockery of sinning. ( Pr 16:22)
  • (7)...can hold their peace and seem wise. (Pr 17:28)
  • (8) often seen meddling with other people (Pr 20:3)
  • (9) ...have a religion without intimacy of Jesus : they have no understanding : they do not hear or see Jesus. They do not listen to the still small voice of Jesus in their conscience. Or are deceived by the small voice of Satan in their conscience. See Jer 4:22 and Jer 5:21.
  • (10) ..despise the Ten Commandments. (Pr 10:8 )

    DISCUSSION: See studies in details following link.

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