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Study of mind or heart

HYPOTHESIS: What does "leb" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: This is another study for our "self" theme or "self indulgence" theme. The word heart is a very common word in Hebrew , used over 600 verses. Often we tend to see the word referencing the cognitive brain, but a deeper reading also shows us the word is a literal reference the heart as well, as if the heart has the ability for memory and feelings especially, as well.

METHOD: See a selection of verses only. There is a risk that some important application may be missed but that is the risk one takes when studying over 600 verses ! The study is still a long one with over 150 verses in the NT.

CONCLUSION: The word "leb" in Hebrew means "heart".


��� "heart" "strongs 3820" The pictograph means "The authority at home".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The word "heart" means the caring authority at home, the place where your home resides in your soul. The meaning of the heart is the cognitive centre of the brain, AND the feelings centre of the heart, a nerve brain like structure in the heart itself.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text. Enjoy the Scripture texts on a wonderful topic, the heart.

heart, mind theme

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