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The study of bad or dysfunction

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "ra" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: This is another study looking at self and self-indulgence. The concept of bad contrasts with good. The tree of good and bad in the midst of the Garden of Eden comes to mind here. The meaning of good are the basket picture of good things that flow from the basket. The meaning of bad is a basket of bad things which flow. God is able to sustain the choice of morality, should beings choose one basket or the other. Thus GOD is able to sustain our choices, without being totally responsible for the choices we make.

Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil (bad) - "ra": I the LORD do all these things.

This verse says Jesus engineers or fattens (creates) bad - the translation "evil" is not a good word as it implies GOD creates evil.

I like a video of Albert Einstein presumably on this. A professor asked his students did God create everything. "Yes He did", a brave student replied. "Well" said the professor, "if God created everything, and since evil exists, than God created evil. This makes God into a fairy tale..." He concluded.

Another student raised his hand and said... "May I pose a question ?" "Sure" said the professor. "Does cold exist ?" the student asked. "Of course" said the professor, "haven't you ever been cold ?" "Cold sir , does not exist" the boy replied. "Lesser amounts of heat is a term we humans call cold, and nothing is colder than absolute zero, a place of zero heat...thus ...Cold is simply the absence of heat."

The boy asked again, "Sir,.. does darkness exist ?" "What kind of question is that ? " asked the professor "of course darkness exists !"

"Darkness does not exist either sir, for we can study light into individual spectrums, but dark has no spectrums. And thus does not exist. Darkness is a convenient term we humans have labelled the absence of light..."

"Furthermore, " the student replied .."Does evil exist...?"

"Yes" the professor sighed, that we are back at the beginning of his own observation....

"I am sorry sir, but evil does not exist either..." For evil is simply a term we humans use to describe lesser amounts of God's power in the lives of man..."

And the professor bowed his head and refused to answer back.

What I like about this story, is without Jesus sustaining our choice for moral living, dysfunction would cease to exist. The sustaining of evil is a mystery function of the medium known as the Holy Spirit. I will leave that for later reference, if your interested in further studies on this subject.

METHOD: It is a very long study of 668 verses, OT and NT.

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "ra" means "dysfunction" or "bad"


��� "bad" "strongs 7451" The pictograph means "The head twisted"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The head twisted is a good picture for "bad". Morally such people are confused like rope, with some actions running clockwise and some actions running counter clockwise. This is the idea of mixing good and evil, function and dysfunction, things that work with things that don't work. This is why we find evidence of micro-evolution, and mistakes in Mother Nature for there are processes that work and processes that don't.

DISCUSSION: This is a very long study. I was going to reduce the verses, but for completeness all 668 verses are discussed. See the occasional comments in text.

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