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Study of wicked,morally wrong

HYPOTHESIS: What does "resha" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another interesting word related to the "self" or "self indulgence" theme. The concept of wickedness has many pictures in Hebrew. Let's see what the verse have to show us about the application of this word to "self" .

METHOD: See all verses in OT

CONCLUSION: The word "resha" means "wicked".


��� "wicked" "Strongs 7562" The pictograph means "the Head of man pressed by his eye"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: We have already seen many words similar to this picture. The Head twisted, is the idea of bad. The Head pressed flowing, is the idea of being high or haughty. Now we have the Head pressed by the eye, is likely the concept of wickedness by lust.

Let's do the study in the verses and see.

Well having done the study, the word in some verses is truly amazing to the testimony of Ancient Hebrew, and that it works....

There are a couple of verses that show the application of this word is indeed the lusty self indulgence of the eye. Basically it is wickedness to eat overly sweet foods, or own overly indulgent cars, or live in overly indulgent houses, and so on. See the discussion for more details.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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