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Study of wicked-immoral, evil

HYPOTHESIS: What does "evel" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another study following the "self" and "self indulgence" theme. This word is perhaps the bottom of the list for bad.. Let's see what application this word has for us.

METHOD: See all verses in the OT.

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "evel" is "wicked-immoral" . Another good English word is "evil".


��� "wicked-immoral" "Strongs 5766" The pictograph means "The twisted secure authority".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: WOW ! The twisted secure authority.

��� Strongs "bad" (evil) 7451. If the "Head of man twisted" means bad, than the "twisted secure authority" would be worse. A person so twisted and secure about what he or she is doing, that nobody can change their head strong authority. A person of immoral evil intent. Let's see the study revealed by the Bible and see.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

wicked-immoral theme

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