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Study of the eye

HYPOTHESIS: What does "ayin" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another word related to our theme of self and self-indulgence. Lets study this word and see how self is betrayed by the eye.

METHOD: This is a very common word, of 830 verses in the OT. For the first time, I decided to cut down on verses studied and hope we do not miss out on verses of application. There are still over 400 verses we have to wander through.. Enjoy the words of God.

CONCLUSION: The word "ayin" means "eye".


    "eye" "strongs 5869" The pictograph means "The eye active through the seeds of generations".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Since we have a letter pictograph meaning "eye" why does the Hebrew add other letters to make the word "eye" ? The meaning here is the eye active over the people of nations. This suggests a person looking out among people to gain influence over them, or control them, or make a profit from the people.... lets see the verses and discover...

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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