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The fool

HYPOTHESIS: Whar does "k@ciyl" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another word to add to our theme of "self" and "self indulgence" them. The concept here is the fool. The person is certainly very active, but his actions are thorny. He is a prickly character. Let's see the study ourselves.

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METHOD: See all verses

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "k@ciyl" is a "fool".


    "fool" "strongs 3684" The pictograph means "The Palms prickle the active hand with authority"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The self powered human is certainly active and busy. The fingers of the palms are busy the hands are busy and the authority of the soul is busy. Yes the human is busy, but the palms are prickly with thorns. The thorn letter in Hebrew is the X letter. The X factor. Another Hebrew with this letter is this : -     "Satan" "strongs 7854" The pictograph read "The thorny one covers the seed of nations". This is a good description of Satan. Notice the fool is a picture of a thorn in the palm, not over the nations of people, but over the authority of his home. We would expect this study to be about people who are prickly in character. Prickles or thorns can be used to protect us, but often they are used to hurt us , wound us and keep us locked away from others. Let's do the sudy ourselves and read for more Biblical content.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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