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Study of straight-path, righteous or upright

HYPOTHESIS: What does "tsaddiyq" mean ?

INTRODUCTION: The study of "one who travels the correct path" a study along with our them of "self" and the "self indulgent" person. A self indulgent person would be one who does not travel the correct path, and thus travels teh wrong path across the horizons of his time and space throughout his life journey. Let's see the study of this word.

METHOD: See all verses in the OT and NT. In the NT the Greek word is the same as the Hebrew.

CONCLUSION: The meaning of "tsaddiyq" is the "one who travels the path correctly". The meaning of "righteous" is a good English meaning. From the idea of "right wanderer".


��� "straight-path" "Strongs 6662" The pictograph reads "Travelling the correct path, swinging with active arms over the horizon".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Here is one travelling the correct path, the straight-path. This is concept of a righteous man, one who travels the correct path, though it wanders from side to side across the distant horizons of time and place.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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