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Study of walking-pride or proud

HYPOTHESIS: What does "ga`avah"mean ?

INTRODUCTION: Here is another word for our studies with "self" and the "Self indulgent". Let's see where these verses lead us.

METHOD: All verses studied

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "ga`avah" means "pride" or "walking-strong".


��� "walking-pride" "Strongs 1346" The pictograph means "Walking Strong "pressed securely" BEHOLD the person !"

PERSONAL APPLICATION: This is an interesting word. It is word describing pride. The picture of pride is a person walking strong. You see them in the street, walking strongly with places to go, and things to do, head strong, stiff necked and flowing the eyes of lust, for they are in love with the world and the things of the world.

The Bible does not make "walking strong" or "pride" into a bad word. God is described as "walking strong" over Israel. A hard worker is described as a "walking strong" doer. The problem begins when the person "walking strong" does so from internal human powered pride, rather than just being proud of working hard for the Lord.

DISCUSSION: See comments in text.

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