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Steps To Christ, study of the Science of Salvation using the SOP

Q:1 The Steps of Christ

Show 'Science of Salvation' is inspired.

INTRODUCTION: Let's look at a beautiful book called 'The Steps To Christ' written by Ellen White.

The Author read this wonderful book at age 17 as a Christian youth many, many years ago. I was so impressed by the Steps to Jesus, I asked GOD in prayer to show me where such Steps to Jesus are found in the Bible, in the same steps as listed by Ellen White.Wouldn't that be a wonderful discovery? Yet no Pastor or passionate person is interested in such a discovery. This has greatly puzzled the Author. Many mock the concept of a Science of Salvation. Is there really a science process to being saved, things we have to do daily in order to be saved by Jesus?

The Author says yes.

The Steps to Christ, written by Ellen White, will be investigated carefully to validate this hypothesis. Scripture clearly presents in a simple process for babes to understand, a science of salvation, the steps to being saved by Jesus, that a child can understand.

If the reader doesn't know the Scripture version of the Steps to Christ:-

Long simple presentation (about 100+ pages)

Shorter presentation (about 8 pages)

Scripture Science of Salvation

  • Step 1: The sinners need
  • Step 2: The Home principle
  • Step 3: The Power principle
  • Step 4: The Fruit principle

    These steps are done daily, and so simple a little child can do them. A true follower can sow Jesus' word in the mind and have power bearing fruits of Jesus' character within seconds. Shalom

  • The Author has left this wonderful book till last for detailed studies, for a reason. Spiritual Springs is entirely dedicated to the Steps to Christ, showing readers a grand theme; the science of salvation, the process of being saved by Jesus, and the things a true follower of Jesus must do daily in order to be saved.

    The Author has found the science of salvation in the Scroll Hosea 14:1,2. Now the Author will use Ellen White's book "Steps to Christ" to validate this hypothesis. The reason why the Author is doing this study to to silence our mockers. Mockers mock Scripture. Many mockers mock followers of Jesus trying to behold Jesus. In fact dealing with mockers is the biggest challenge to any true follower of Jesus. It is sad to say this, but there are few passionate people interested in loving Jesus, and getting more of His power flowing into our "living energy" daily.

    Maybe the Author has become mad?

    Yashua 9:7 ..the spiritual man is mad,..

    Are we deceived, by all this theory of training? Or is the "Science of Salvation" the only Biblical way to have a relationship in Jesus?

    Let the reader decide for himself or herself. This is a serious and important question.

    None of us would want to miss out on going to heaven with Jesus forever would we?

    The Author feels he has enough Scripture, faith and prayer training, to hopefully investigate Ellen White's "Steps To Christ" carefully.

    HYPOTHESIS: Does the Bible have..

  • a science of salvation?
  • ie: certain 'steps to Jesus' that save us?

    The Bible contains the science of salvation. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." [2 Timothy 3:16, 17.]

    The teachings of the Old Testament Scriptures are the words of Christ, spoken in plain, simple language. There is presented the obedience required by God. The truths of the Bible are of inestimable value, and should be treasured up in the heart and mind. The precepts of the Word of God should govern the whole life in this world, preparing us for the future world. (Lt 76, 1900)

    This hypothesis will be validated by matching Ellen White's book Steps to Christ, with Hosea's book Steps to Christ, for exact matching concerning the Science of Salvation.

    METHOD: Selected passages are shown as they are found in Ellen White's 'Steps to Christ'. These passages will be used to compare Hosea's 'Steps to Christ' to see how well they match.

    DISCUSSION: All passages in Ellen White's book, "Steps to Christ" are written in brown and each Hosea passage is written in blue. General comments are written by the Author in black.

    Also due to increase in confusion, many Hebrew spellings are made fuzzy because of translation confusion. This has not caused errors in Scripture, but has made Scripture fuzzy to read. The first of these, is the sound of the Hebrew word "Y" is often spelt as "J" or "H". The Author chooses to re-write the Scroll of Hosea as the Scroll of Yashua, this is the Hebrew name for YHWH who saves. The Greek name for YHWH who saves is Jesus. So dear reader, please allow this correction, in spelling Hebrew names correctly. Shalom

    (Chapter 1) God's Love for Man

    Theme (1):

    Ellen 1: Nature and revelation alike testify of God's love.

    Yashua 1:2 The beginning of the word of the YHWH by Yashua. And the YHWH said to Yashua, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms: for the land hath committed great whoredom, departing from the YHWH.

    Ellen White writes a general introduction first. Nature is the first revelation of God's love.Yashua is a simile book about Jesus coming to earth to marry people of whoredom, people found departing from the heavenly Father. The first message is a message of the Father's love, go and marry these people.Such is the fascinating poetry similes and figures this book of salvation promises.

    Theme (2): ..word..

    Ellen 1: The word of God reveals His character.

    Next Ellen White writes that the Scriptures show us love in a written form, as His character.

    Yashua 1:7 But I will have mercy (racham) "compassion" upon the house of Judah, and will save them by the LORD their God, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, nor by horsemen. (KJV)

    Here the Author likes this "word" revealing God's character. The Hebrew word "racham" is a verb form meaning "compassion" and the noun form meaning "compassion-centre", the KJV translates the noun form as "womb" but both verb and noun forms have the same Hebrew spelling.The compassion-centre is the place where the second birth flows from, the mystery of the Holy Spirit, were a man is born again under the salvation of Jesus.

    For more see

    (1) compassion centre as womb

    (2) womb of compassion

    (3) Holy Spirit womb

    Joh 3:4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?

    5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

    The only pl ace where the second birth experience is written in Scripture is here:-

    Ps 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

    11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.

    12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

    Salvation is a creative process, daily by the mystery of the Holy Spirit through Jesus.The process is just as literal as Jesus spoke animals into existance. However the character is not created in an instant, because neither you nor Jesus owns your character in Jesus. It is a relationship process of both you and Jesus yoked together for eternity. This is how support works. You are empowered by Jesus, by supporting His words and walking in His creative powers. Thus "character" grows and becomes unique as you and Jesus as one is unique.


    Theme (3): ..Person..

    Ellen 1: The Son of God came from heaven to make manifest the Father.

    Finally in person, Jesus comes to earth to demonstrate the love of GOD in person.

    Yashua 1:3 So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim;..(KJV)

    So Jesus comes in person to marry a woman representing us, as children who wander.

    Theme (4): ..grand summary..

    Ellen 1: Jesus said, "Therefore doth My Father love Me, because I lay down My life, that I might take it again." John 10:17. That is, "My Father has so loved you that He even loves Me more for giving My life to redeem you. In becoming your Substitute and Surety, by surrendering My life, by taking your liabilities, your transgressions, I am endeared to My Father; for by My sacrifice, God can be just, and yet the Justifier of him who believeth in Jesus."

    Here is an important passage, but readers will not understand. The passage contains important themes:-

  • love of the Father
  • redeem the sinner
  • surrender my life for you
  • sin-offering (taking your liabilities, your transgressions)
  • justifier of the true follower
  • who believeth in Jesus.

    How does the common man understand an important passage such as this? Just read it, as it is?

    Nothing less than the infinite sacrifice made by Christ in behalf of fallen man could express the Father's love to lost humanity.

    What was infinite about Christ's sacrifice for our sinning?

    Jesus is "not ashamed to call them brethren" (Hebrews 2:11); He is our Sacrifice, our Advocate, our Brother, bearing our human form before the Father's throne, and through eternal ages one with the race He has redeemed-the Son of man.

    Through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ the sons of Adam may become the sons of God. By assuming human nature, Christ elevates humanity.

    What does this passage mean?

    It seems to suggest that when Jesus added humanity to His divinity, he is forever encapsulated with human humanity, thus could this be the infinite sacrifice of Jesus? Thus Jesus becomes a father of a race of redeemed people, and those who live in His power by supporting Jesus' words-personified, we become his children, with unique characters similar to Jesus but made wholly and completely by Jesus, but not as genetic clones of Jesus. Such a concept is not a easy simple thing to read, so perhaps I may have this wrong? What do such passages mean?

    The thought ( of Jesus' love for sinners ) has a subduing power upon the soul and brings the mind into captivity to the will of God.

    Why the use of English term "subdue"?

    Such a Hebrew term is used by the SOP as "surrender". Here is an important use of the term "subdue":-

    Mic 7:19 He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdu e (kabash) "subdue" our iniquities (avon) "guilt"; and thou wilt cast all their sins (chataah) "sin-offerings" into the depths of the sea.

    Ro 10:3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted (kabash) "subdued" themselves unto the righteousness of God.

    The SOP has interesting English terms for "subdue", often using "surrender" instead.

    So ends selected passages for the introduction to Steps to Christ, by Ellen White.

    Now let's present some other SOP passages to help illustrate the Steps to Christ, dealing with common people:-

    The Bible is becoming a new book to me. We seem to be quite slow to understand, but we believe we must keep the Sabbath. It is a very important step, and we want to understand it thoroughly. But if it is the truth, what can we do but obey it." I told her I would send her "Steps to Christ" She said, "Please send us writings that are simple, and easy to understand. We are so ignorant in regard to these new interpretations of the Scriptures. I am perplexed with the cares of a large family. We have good health, and I have much to be thankful for; but I have a hasty temper, and become impatient when I think my children are doing wrong. Will you pray for me especially, and understand that I am trying to learn my duty." We had a most (667) precious season of prayer with the family, and we knew that angels of God were in our midst.

    I have thought many times since of the request of Sister Thompson: "I want that precious faith that is so necessary. Send me something simple, that my mind may grasp it; then I can take hold of this faith to believe in Jesus as a present help in every time of need." This is the want of every soul, - something that the needy longing soul can grasp, something easy to be understood; and yet the reason that many do not lay hold of the truth is because it is so easy. They think they must do some great thing, that God expects them to go through some wonderful process in order to be converted; and when we present the truth as it is, in its beautiful simplicity, they stand amazed, "Is that all?" they inquire. Simply to take God at His word seems such a simple thing that they hardly dare accept it. We need to make the way of life just as clear to souls as it is in Jesus, that all may see the truth and the life. ( Experiences in Australia, Page 170 )

    First the SOP says Steps of Christ is a clear, simple, easy to read book. And overall it is. But even the first chapters have some deep things, like the "infinite sacrifice of Jesus", where is that found in Scripture? It's not easy to explain this statement.

    Second the SOP says the science of salvation is easy to do, a child can do it.

    "take God at His word" seems such a simple thing that we hardly dare to accept it.

    Where does Scripture say this?

    Yashua 14:2 Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto him,...

    Simple isn't it? Take God's words, and say them as a prayer to Jesus, and He will do as you ask. This is what support means. This is a child like term meaning "faith" or "support" without using these terms.

    Now I wish to present some guidance, and some thoughts about this study.

    In public labor do not make prominent, and quote that which Sister White has written, as authority to sustain your positions. To do this will not increase faith in the testimonies. Bring your evidences, clear and plain, from the Word of God. A "Thus saith the Lord" is the strongest testimony you can possibly present to the people. Let none be educated to look to Sister White, but to the mighty God, who gives instruction to Sister White.-Letter 11, 1894. 3SM 29.3

    How do we deal with mockers? They say where is the "Science of salvation" in the Scriptures?

    The Holy Ghost is the author of the Scriptures and of the Spirit of Prophecy. These are not to be twisted and turned to mean what man may want them to mean, to carry out man's ideas and sentiments, to carry forward man's schemes at all hazards.-Letter 92, 1900. 3SM 30.3

    If the testimonies of Jesus are written by the Holy Spirit, than we must read and use them as we would carefully examine Scripture, seeing the Hebrew behind the English.

    Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light.-The Review and Herald, January 20, 1903 (Quoted in Colporteur Ministry, 125.) 3SM 30.4

    This makes the SOP a Hebrew English translator, to tutor us to learn the Hebrew Scriptures correctly in English.

    The Spirit was not given-nor can it ever be bestowed-to supersede the Bible; for the Scriptures explicitly state that the Word of God is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested.... Isaiah declares, "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them" (Isaiah 8:20).-The Great Controversy, Introduction, vii. 3SM 30.5

    The prophets were witnessing to Jesus teachings, and are testimonies to His character through people.

    The Bible must be your counselor. Study it and the testimonies God has given; for they never contradict his Word.-Letter 106, 1907. 3SM 32.3

    Such is the useful purpose of our Hebrew English translator. Strange but Ellen White never used this term to describe her work. Scripture also uses the term "translate" once in the OT and many times in the NT. The Hebrew people spoke and wrote in Hebrew, in some respects had an advantage over us, for we read a strange and forgotten language.

    Now let's unravel the confusion over Hebrew terms and themes in the Science of Salvation.

    Specifically "what is surrender or subdue or kabash?"

    How does one get rid of self, or Baal master powers of self?

    Are you still a Christian during this process of surrender?

    First some true context, a lady willing to follow Jesus, but her husband is not so willing:-

    Dear Sister Martha:

    I wish you a happy New Year. Let us put away everything like distrust and want of faith in Jesus forever. Let us commence a life of simple child-like trust, not relying upon feeling, but upon faith. Do not dishonor Jesus by doubting His precious promises. He wants us to believe in Him with unwavering faith. There is a class who say, I believe, I believe, and claim all the promises which are given on condition of obedience. While they claim everything in the promises of God, they do not the works of Christ. God is not honored by any such faith, it is a spurious faith. Then we see a people trying to keep all of God's commandments, but there are many of these who do not come up to their exalted privileges and claim nothing. God's promises are to them who keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.

    I find, Sister Martha, that I have to fight the good fight of faith every day. I have to put to the stretch the powers of faith and not rely upon feeling, and act as though I knew the Lord heard me, and would answer me and bless me. Faith is not a happy flight of feeling, it is simply taking God at His word and believing, because God said He would do this, and so I am much interested in your experience. The Lord let His blessing rest upon you at that praying season; and if you had looked and believed on Jesus then fully, you would have received a much larger measure of the Spirit of God. But your husband's coldness, his unbelief and manifest inability to appreciate a blessing proffered, was a loadstone to you, and you did not swing out fully upon the promises. But I hope you will not allow the want that is evident in the experience of your husband [to] be the means of keeping your soul in darkness and discouragement. While he seems to feel so anxious in regard to you, if he would just leave Martha in the hands of a merciful God and work for his own deliverance through perfect surrender to God, then Martha would come out all right. I hope you will not become in any way discouraged. It will require far more of the Spirit of God to be brought to bear upon the heart of your husband to break up his Pharaseeism -I thank God I am not as other men- then the Lord will work for him; but he does not see himself. He has woven himself into the woof and warp of his experience, that God has but little to do with him. When he is able through grace to see himself, then Jesus will be his restorer.

    But stand free in God. Let not his ideas become yours. Unless he does empty himself of his supreme self-complacency and humbles himself at the foot of the cross of Calvary, he will deceive his own soul, by relating wonderful incidents in a past experience, but he has not a fresh, new, joyful experience in God.

    Well, Martha, God wants you to be free; He wants you to be believing, to be trustful, and just cease to doubt, and believe. May God help you. Self-righteousness is a terrible plague-spot, but it does not belong to you at all; you are altogether distrustful of self, and write and talk bitter things of yourself. But a New Year has opened upon us. Let it be a happy New Year. To you, my sister, nestle in the sheltering arms of Jesus, and do not wrestle yourself out of His arms; just believe and praise God and go forward. We are almost home.

    The Lord is coming. Look up and rejoice, for your redemption draweth nigh. I see in Jesus a compassionate, loving Redeemer, one who can save to the uttermost all who come unto Him. Bear your whole weight on the promises of God. Believe it is your privilege to believe. (Lt 31, 1887, to Bourdeau, Martha, Basel, Switzerland January 1, 1887 )

    In this letter quoted in it's entirety, the reader reads about how self works and steals your mind from Jesus, thus you do using your own human powers, not through the powers of Jesus.

    Note:- Ellen White writes:

  • "Faith = belief + the works of Jesus"
  • - not based feelings.
  • 'Do not dishonor Jesus by doubting His precious promises.'

    In other words "faith" = "support".

    When we support Jesus using His words-personified, we fight daily the good fight of support. Thus minute by minute our minds are taking His words and sowing them immediately in the heart, so those powers flow through us, and not our own Baal Master Powers of Self.

    Get rid of "self" of the "Baal" in your life, the "master" you follow. There are three masters over your Soul:

  • Satan wants to master you.
  • Self wants to master you.
  • Jesus wants to master you.

    For more see:-

    (1) Self

    (2) Study of Baal

    (3) Study of Lord or master

    (4) Critics who say Jesus Christ is a Master not also Lord

    (5) Study of Baal as Master's religion or Boy's Religion

    (6) Jesus a master of speech

    (7) learning to avoid self or Master of Self

    (8) Being our own master

    When you master your own living energy using self human powers, you are actually supporting Satan, as your Ruler over your soul. Self or doing as you please, has to be cut off as a hand or plucked out as an eye, and thrown away. (Matthew 5:29)

    The Author gets the impression that we have no will to do as we please, and all we do as we please must come entirely through supporting Jesus words and sowing them minute by minute through your mind, walking in His powers daily, and forever. The concept of a will to wander away from God, like missing, to miss out on God's power supporting you only really came to exist when Adam sinned. Before this there was no such thing as a will. There is no Hebrew word meaning "will". Such a concept is, to "choose" GOD or not to "choose" GOD. We hop over to Baal or to GOD. That is our only choice.

    Notice another letter to this sister in Jesus:-

    Dear Sister Martha Bourdeau:

    I have not been able to write much at all of late. No letters have been written by me except some on urgent matters that could not be put off.

    I have had a severe attack of malaria, but I am better, though still weak. I hope whatever may occur you will not lose your faith in God. I commenced a letter to you New Years, but could not finish it. May enclose the little I did write in this . I hope that you both will feel at the feet of Jesus that help and blessing that He is willing to richly bestow.

    I hope, my Brother A. C. Bourdeau, that you will make decided efforts in God to be rid of yourself, praise, talking of self, taking glory to yourself that belongs to God. Self-righteousness in prayer is unblessed: humility in prayer is answered and blessed. These are the great subjects that concern us.

    I wish, Bro. Bourdeau, you could be repentant as that poor trembling worshiper who scarcely dared to lift his eyes to God. Certainly he did not pray to be seen of men, when that bitter cry came from his lips, "God be merciful to me a sinner." [Luke 18:13.] His business is with his God, and he must have pardon and peace. He does not go through with a relation of his good deeds. He felt his case was so desperate that no angel could help him. He was before the holy heart-searching God of heaven who reads the secrets of the heart. He must have help, he needed mercy and grace, and he had no claim upon God for this at all. How could he tell how the case would turn with him? It was a solemn moment, he was looking forward to the judgment, and onward to eternity. He bowed his head and smote his breast and threw himself upon the mercy of a sin-pardoning Saviour. Humility is not a mistaken sense of inferiority, which results from a false standard. Whatever a man thinks true excellence consists in, he will think humbly of himself for not possessing it; false humility consists in not condemning oneself for not reaching a false imaginary standard, and this degrades the soul. But true humility consists in recognizing the inferiority that mortals are subject to and feeling our utter and entire dependence upon God. Humility is self-abasement of the soul on account of sin, when the soul has the most distinct views of Jesus, the matchless love of Jesus.

    Let go of A. C. Bourdeau and forget him if you can, and remember Jesus; He is your only hope, your only helper. God help you to cling to Jesus, and lose sight of self , and no longer talk of self, not flatter self, and pity self, and extol self. All this comes as easy as your breath, and unless you are emptied of self, Jesus will not come in. Should He work for you, you would [not] exalt self. May the Lord help you to see yourself, and surrender self, and talk of Jesus. When the soul is emptied of self and Jesus fills it, your words will be of Jesus, of His love, of His power. Your testimony will not be stale, or spiritless. You will know how to pray in the Spirit. May God help you, my dear brother, to be a free man in Christ Jesus. (Switzerland Basel, January 14, 1887)

    Notice we have to get rid of self, our Baal master powers of self, doing things in our own human power.

    The surrender of the will is represented as plucking out the eye or cutting off the hand. Often it seems to us that to surrender the will to God is to consent to go through life maimed or crippled. But it is better, says Christ, for self to be maimed, wounded, crippled, if thus you may enter into life. That which you look upon as disaster is the door to highest benefit. . . . Only through the surrender of our will to God is it possible for Him to impart life to us. Only by receiving His life through self-surrender is it possible, said Jesus, for these hidden sins, which I have pointed out, to be overcome. . . . If you cling to self, refusing to yield your will to God, you are choosing death. To sin, wherever found, God is a consuming fire. If you choose sin, and refuse to separate from it, the presence of God, which consumes sin, must consume you.-Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, 61.

    As we walk, our mind can support our own words, or the words of Jesus. Such a decision changes our powers of doing. Supporting our own words causes us to walk as we please using human powers, and if our actions become fully completed we worship ourselves as Baal. But, if we choose Jesus words, we walk in His powers, we do this by supporting his words, that causes a hopeful flow of Jesus through us, thus our doing is a yoked co-operation of Jesus and me working together, to the glory of GOD.

    Can a Christian be a follower of Jesus while hopping over to Baal and God on a daily basis, as an action not fully complete?

    If you are left as a little flock to yourselves, you should seek God with all your heart for yourselves that the faith which you pose may be a working faith, a faith that is genuine, a faith that works by love and purifies the soul. Your cold, rough, harsh, uncourteous ways and manners will be clearly seen as they are as you behold the Pattern, for it is by beholding Jesus, by talking of Jesus, by contemplating Jesus, that you will see the offensive character of sin, of selfishness, of hardness of heart, and you will do the very thing that God requires you to do, and that you have not yet done. You will put away all self, self-importance, self-love, self-esteem, envy, evil-surmising and jealousy, and plead for the Holy Spirit to come into your hearts and abide with you. As you taste and see that the Lord is good, you will hunger and thirst after more of the Holy Spirit, and will make an entire surrender of your will and your way, your plans and ideas, to God, and will keep the way of the Lord. Your words and deportment must be guarded.

    The mighty cleaver of truth has taken you out of the quarry of the world. You were rough stones with jagged edg es, bruising and marring whoever you came in contact with; but there is a work to be done to smooth off the rough edges. If you appreciated the value of the work that is to be done in the workshop of God, you would welcome the blows of the ax and the hammer. Your self-esteem will be hurt, your high opinion of yourself will be cut away by the ax and the hammer, and all the roughness of your character will be smoothed off, and when self and carnal propensities are worked away, then the stone will assume proper proportions for the heavenly building, and then the polishing, refining, subduing, burnishing processes will begin, and you will be molded after the model of Christ's character. (written by Ellen White)

    It seems surrender of self, to hop over minute by minute to Jesus, especially in the presence of mockers, is a process. A process where we are cut and polished by Jesus as our minds use more and more supporting words from Jesus in our minds, we slowly allow self to die.

    Mt 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (KJV)

    How does our Hebrew English translator know to use Mammon for Baal?

    "Ye cannot serve God and Baal." Christ died to give a perfect conscience to those who surrender their will and way to His will and way. And many have a crippled religious experience because they do not unreservedly surrender body, soul, and spirit to God's will and way The moment that one loses sight of Jesus, darkness surrounds him. The eyes, no longer fixed steadfastly on Jesus, look on self and on the weakness of the spiritual character. The time that should be spent in holy communion with God is spent in dwelling upon the natural feelings. No longer is the Holy Spirit welcomed into the heart as a reprover and a comforter. My dear young friends, ever keep Christ in view. Thus you keep the eye single to God's glory. Jesus is your light and life and peace and assurance forever. By beholding Him you are changed from glory to glory-from character to character. "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, the whole body shall be full of darkness."

    "The eyes, no longer fixed steadfastly on Jesus," This the SOP writes correctly as the Hebrew word "meek", thus we no longer become meek, when we no longer become looking out for others, we look out only for self, we hop over to Baal, and do as we please using our own human powers of self. The Holy Spirit is no longer welcomed into our life as a reprover and a comforter.

    Any work, however small it may appear, that is done for the Master with a thorough surrender of self, is as acceptable to Him as the highest service.... Humble, willing service is before everyone who claims to be a child of God. (Christ Triumphant, Page 168 )

    Such ends the introduction into the first chapter of Ellen White's book "Steps to Christ".

    Indeed we have covered some very important themes about the Science of Salvation.

    Part of the study the Author wishes to investigate is the theme of surrender as a process something that happens daily as we do the Science of Salvation?

    In other words, when I support Jesus daily with prayer promises spoken in my mind for an immediate need, or when in the presence of others, I stop talking too much and ask Jesus what should I say to them now?; does my Baal master power of self begin to die?

    I guess it would, but to remember Jesus when we talking to others in a secular world, is so very hard; we use "self" to talk to them, rather than "Jesus". Our inherit fleshy fallen nature is programmed by habit to use human powers, instead of the divine powers.

    The Author thinks this is what surrender means, allowing the "baal master powers of self" to die, and instead we support Jesus words and walk in His powers, that hopefully flow immediately.

    I pray the reader is not confused so far. Please be encouraged to read the study. It promises to uphold the grand themes of the Bible: "What must I do to be saved?" GOD bless you.

    The next chapter of Steps To Christ, by Ellen White, concerns our need..

    Steps To Christ theme

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