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Study of Baal, Master powers of self

HYPOTHESIS: What religion was Baal ?

INTRODUCTION: Baal is an old religion. The question is does Baal exist today ? Where did Baal worship come from ? What is Baal religion ? What practices does it have ? This study will provide the answers as we journey through the Scriptures for answers.

METHOD: All verses are studied, including related child words. There are other words, Strongs 1167, a Hebrew word spelled the same as Baal, should also be included, a word that means 'master'.

See studies of Baal as an Master context.

CONCLUSION: The religion of Baal, is any religion that Satan inspires man to create, whose efforts flow to nothing. Baal is a belief system of effort that is meaningless to God, in terms of power and respect.

Since Baal means "master" and a man is a "master", the religion of Baal, is simply "man's religion". Any rules a person lives by as they see fit, is a "man's religion". However such a "man's religion" means nothing to God.



The picture word means "The home" "seeing" "authority".

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Baal is an interesting belief system. Baal is a "master's religion" because a man is a king of his own castle, with subjects under him, his way of living in his kingdom is the "man's religion". The belief system was lived out by a prophet called Baalim. Here is a literal story that tells us literally what kind of religion Baal worship was. The religious system is a system where the following practices occur all in the Name of "Man's Religion" : -

(1) Sinning is OK as long as you can forgive yourself via Jesus as 'cheap grace'.

(2) Technology is OK for Science will improve a Master's religion

(3) Sensual indulgences are OK, because the Master is the boss..

(4) Partying is a wild way for animals to have fun.

(5) Baal hospitals are OK to practice disease management.

(6) Baal temples are allowed to have sexual priests for indulgence.

(7) Lukewarm obedience is OK in Baal churches.

(8) Baal church is marketed under differing cults of master religion.

(9) Baal worship of the imagination is OK.

(10) Master religion allows you to steal as long as you have need..

(11) Master religion allows you to murder as long as your rights are upheld..

(12) Master religion allows sexual abuse because the man is king of his dominion.

You can read for yourself these points in the discussion section of the study for yourself. Baal religion or "master religion" or a "man's religion" is very much alive today. Baal is practised differently today since ancient times, but the literal aspects of religion has not changed much.

DISCUSSION: All verses in OT and NT listed in the study, including words similar to Baal, such as balaam.

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