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HYPOTHESIS: What does "Baal" mean?

INTRODUCTION: The Hebrew word "Baal" has some notion of pagan idol worship, which is false apparently... The word really means in Hebrew, Master. That said, the Pagan notion of idol worship is really in English about a Master's Religion.

What this means in Scripture, the pagan notion of idol worship is not actually named as such...neither is God's true religion.

METHOD: All words in OT Hebrew studied. Where possible NT Greek is converted to equivalent OT Hebrew.

See studies of Baal as an pagan idol context.


The pictograph reads "The Home Seeing Authority". Strong's 1167.

CONCLUSION: The Hebrew word "Baal" means "Master", one who rules his home with Authority by looking over his household.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The spelling of modern Hebrew words is retained here, but very strange. The middle Hebrew letter is the "eye" which in English is the "o" letter. So the Hebrew word "Bel" or "Baal" (spellings vary) is really "BOJ". But since some say Hebrew has no "J" letter, one can substitute "Y" for "J", so we have "BOY". Wow!! That's a English word we know, and also implies a "Master" one beginning to rule...a Mature ruler of the household is "Lord" in Hebrew, or "Adown".

So in a family tent household, the father is called the Lord and the son is called the Boy. Sometimes Hebrew modern spellings really amaze me, and some say the idea that Hebrew does not end up in modern English is crazy. What is the probability this is pure co-incidence? Trillions to one...

What I find strange is why YAH YHWH did not like Israel worshipping Boy... it is afterall a Master's simile of the Master Jesus in heaven, but YAH YHWH or Jesus-YHWH does not like this at all. The concept of idol figures representing Elohiym is forbidden in Scripture...

Jg 2:13 And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.

Notice YHWH (which includes both Father and Son) in the title YHWH, does not like the worship of the Son and the Holy Spirit separately... or is this a simile of the Father and the Holy Spirit separately ?

There is not enough Scripture evidence to tell us what is wrong with these idol similes of GOD..not enough is said about them...only that we should not worship GOD in this way... If Baal really means "Boy religion" rather than "Lord religion" it implies the "master religion" is a man becoming mature over his house, rather than one fully mature over his house. There is not enough evidence to ascertain if Baal was a simile to the Father (lord) or the Son (boy). And who is Ashtaroth, the feminine deity?

(1) If the Baal simile is about "boy" or "master" this implies Ashtaroth is the "Master's wife", but this makes no sense in pagan images of the Father, Mother and child idols. There are no cases of the Son ever having a "wife"...

(2) So that only leaves Baal a simile of "lord" or "master" and this implies "Baal" is a simile of the Father, and Ashtaroth a simile of the Holy Spirit, and the Son a simile not shown directly as the third member of the divine...

There are many examples of this pagan view of "elohiym" across many cultures, beginning with Egypt.

So if the concept of pagan trinity of three gods is correct, a King, a Queen and Son, all three divine, why does Scripture condemn this concept?

First, the heavenly Father and the heavenly Son are equal in power but not rank...calling them both Kings would be correct...

Second, the concept of a Queen of heaven is not Hebrew the masculine takes precedence over the the Holy Spirit takes a secondary function within the Godhead... The Holy Spirit is an Agency or Medium for the heavenly Father, and takes on or administrates the Father's power... not the same concept of pagan trinity..

And thirdly, love is not generated by a single heavenly Being alone...we do not have three gods here...but a single Elohiym, whose heavenly Father's love flows as one source of love.... not three independent sources of love....thus we cannot worship either heavenly Being on it's requires we worship them as a one, not just united love, but as a single flow of heavenly love.

So the Author feels to respect the Godhead properly we should address the heavenly Father in our prayers and ask for things through Jesus Name, as Scripture says...but do not pray to one heavenly Being alone. In modern times some churches say they lack the latter rain, and so pray for the fall of the Holy Spirit, as if this heavenly power can fall on us alone. This is a modern spin on OT pagan trinity, and is strictly wrong. The latter rain of the Father flows via His Son and is poured out by the Holy Spirit unto those who receive... It is always a single flow of power, a single flow of love...

Nor should we disregard the way love is generated within the Godhead, by praying only to the heavenly Father YHWH alone. Love cannot be generated on one's own...This is a pagan perversion of self-love and exists only in the eyes of selfish humans who abuse God's love. Love is not knowledge, love is a verb between two or more Beings...Love is the reaction of how two or more Beings interact with each other.

(78)Na 1:2 � God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is (baal) furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies.

The Strong Authority is jealous, and Father-YHWH revengeth, Jesus-YHWH revengeth, and is "Master", the LORD -YHWH will take vengeance on his adversaries..

The last verse in the OT tells us Jesus-YHWH is a "master" over our soul energy, if we allow "salvation" to ruler over us. Otherwise the humanism powers of self "master" our own soul.

DISCUSSION: There are several hundred verses to consider, and we will consider looking at each verse for clues to how a Master's Religion might be.

The study should prove really interesting...

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