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What is religion?

STEPS TO JESUS Step 1: "The Saviour Principle "

Q3: What does religion mean ?

Ho 2:7 .. I will go and return to my first husband (Jesus) ; for then was it better with me than now. 8 For (we) did not know that Jesus gave (us) corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied (our) silver and gold, made for Baal .

Religion is defined as the beliefs we choose to live by. All people live with beliefs, even agnostics. What happens is our religion of beliefs swing back and forth between two opposing parents, Satan and GOD. This is why some of us follow the 'golden rules' of God with some of Satan's beliefs as well. It is the picking and choosing of beliefs that confuses us and creates many kinds of organized religions around the world. In many cases such religions are different marketing ploys by Satan. Jesus has only one religion of beliefs in Scripture. It is called the torah. In order to study Satan's religion, we need to understand the Hebrew word "Baal".

A study of Baal is recommended here to discover what this religion was about, and why Jesus opposes Baal Religion even to this day.

��� nothing The ROOT picture here of "Bal" is "The home" "authority" . In Hebrew this picture means "a flow of heart effort that comes to nothing".

��� Ba`al The picture here of "Baal" is "The home" "secured" by "authority" .

��� Ba`alim The picture here of "Baalim" , a person who literally lived the out the meaning of Baal. The word means "The home" "authority" from the "eye" "flows". It clues us a clue to the religion of Baal.

Baal is the home authority we have in ourselves that makes an effort that comes to nothing in the sight of GOD. All our houses, cars, lands and property is meaningless. All the home authority effort you have inside of yourself is nothing. All the power your eyes entertains you with to fill your home with authority, is vanity. This is the meaning of Baal. The religion is very much alive today, as in ancient times. We need to escape from Baal, and come home to Jesus' home where His authority has a caring authority of real power, that Satan cannot offer. Shalom

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