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What are all Hebrew word studies of humility?

Q9: What studies of humility are there in the Bible ?

��� In the Bible, humility is looking out for people.

This Hebrew word "aniy" is often translated as "the affliction of people"; or people who are "poor". But as you can see, the word humble is "Jesus' watches with His eye, His generations of people, with active hands". What happens on earth, is proud people control humble people and enslave them in affliction or poverty, hence the word also broadens to mean "human affliction" or "poor" or "needy" or "humble". At first I thought we have a classic example of a word with multiple meanings, but no. Hebrew words have broad meanings depending upon the frame of reference . God has one meaning, Satan changes the meaning through humans because He tries to destroy the influence of God. So while Jesus' is our brother's keeper, we only see our affliction and so we shake our fists at Jesus, rather than humbly allowing Him in. Shalom

There are many other Hebrew words translated by the King James as humble.

Deut 8:2 "anah" thee � � .. to afflict one's self..

2 Chron:7:14..shall "kana`" themselves.. � � .. to lower one's self..

Job 22:29 the "shach" person.. � � .. to be in a pit..

Psalms 9:12 ..the cry of the "`anav" "`aniy" � � .. to be humble..

Psalm 10:17 ..the desire of the "`anav" � � .. to be meek..

Proverbs 6:3 "raphac" thyself.. � � .. humbly submit..

Proverbs 16:19 ..better to be of a "shaphal" spirit.. � � ..humbly being low..

Micah 6:8 ..and to walk "tsana`" with thy GOD.. � � ..humbly on track..

And in the New Testament recorded in the Greek...

Matt 18:4 ..whoever shall "tapeinoo" thee.. � � ..humbly being low..

As you can see being humble is important to GOD. That's why there are many different Hebrew words, all of similar and various shades of meaning about humility. It would be a valuable treasure to study them all. Shalom

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