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Study of Afflict: 06031,anah,2559, kakoo

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "anah" mean ?

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INTRODUCTION: This word has some strange uses. The word can be used for different meanings such as the afflict or control somebody like a Master over a Slave, or a Rapist over a Victim, or a Dictator over Subjects. In Some cases verses suggest one is to afflict oneself before a higher authority. Is this a type of humility ? Or an act of subordination, against one's natural free will. Such people grin and bear it. Like how soldiers who obey their leaders, because it their duty to do so.

METHOD: All verses where this word occurs is studied. Overview � Details.

CONCLUSION: The hebrew word "anah" means "afflicted".


"The watching eye" of the "generation continues" "Behold !" {One} The farmer or herder built a shelter of four posts and a roof of leaves for protection from the hot glazing sun, to sit under and as a "person" "continue" to "watch" over his goods. GOD (the personal presence) continually watches over looking at His own. We often see affliction as a bad thing, but it has the positive attitude that One is watching the generations carefully. The watching eye over the generations of people, who are afflicted in heart..

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Some verses suggest affliction is a necessary part of God's tools in His salvation process. Like trees, affliction helps in the fruiting process. Scientists call this affliction 'vernalization', and it helps trigger a phase in plants to bear fruit. The Bible suggests affliction helps to prevent us from rising in pride , and is a necessary tool to keep us mournful for Jesus.


There are 85 verses that use "anah" in the Hebrew Bible, 80 in the OT and 5 in the NT.

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