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humble,aniy,afflicted or poor

HYPOTHESIS: What does the Hebrew word "aniy" mean ?

STRONGS � � OT 6041 aniy, NT 4434 ptochos

INTRODUCTION: The more I study my Bible the more accurate and holy it becomes. Feelings of awe come, as God preserved the Hebrew meanings as God intended, even though humans have translated the word according to human ideas, this is not necessarily the meaning God has from Scripture alone. There are two words that appear together as a phase. They are similar looking words. In the modern Hebrew they look like this, letters written right to left. And in ancient Hebrew for convenience, letters are written left to right.

"aniy" "humble"

"anav" "meek"

Often in the Old testament, you see both Hebrew words together telling us humility and meekness go hand in hand as important concepts to God. So let's look into the study and allow Scripture to tell us ....

METHOD: All verses that use the Hebrew word are investigated.

CONCLUSION: The meaning of the Hebrew word "aniy" is "humble". This is a Biblical definition from God's intended meaning. A human meaning which comes from human involvment of the word "aniy" is affliction, poverty, poor and being needy.

PICTURE: Jesus' "watching eye" "continues over the generations" with "active hands".

The farmer or herder built a shelter of four posts and leaves, to watch with his eye over the continual seed of generations (both plant seed and animal seed) with active hands against enemies, wild attacking animals and invaders, protecting his goods. If you were the plant or animal, falling into enemies hands, than you would see "aniy" as meaning of affliction, poverty and in need of protection.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: The concept of being "humble" does not just mean one lacking in money or personal assets. Indeed 80% of the world lack assets and any form of good income, so poor people and afflicted people are more humble orientated than rich people, who have no feel for needs. The meaning of "humble" can also mean one who is lowly, or poor, or afflicted, or one without skills, talents or power in themselves. This is the reason why "humility" and "poorness" go hand in hand, it's called cause and effect.

A humble person is one who looks out for people. Humble people are easily mislead and controlled by proud people who love to master them. Hence humble people are often enslaved by poverty, affliction and the status hierarchy of life. This is why in third world countries, such people easily turn to Jesus. Why ? They are humbled already because of their poverty, poorness and affliction. Hence this is why the Hebrew word "aniy" or "humble" has been distorted and why proud people "hate" humble people and thus afflict them. Shalom


There are 111 verses that assumedly use the Hebrew word "aniy". In the Old Testmanent the word chosen is "aniy", while in the Greek New Testmanent the word "ptochos" was chosen as the correct Hebrew equivalent.

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