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June 2019 Update: The Lord gave me inspiration regarding the difference between two words in Hebrew. Mockers mock us saying all your doing is increasing yourself in more knowledge, theoretical stuff about Jesus.

The Hebrew word "yada", Strong's 3045, has pictographs which mean "The active door (of your mind) sees".

This word is commonly translated by the King James version as "know".

Ge 4:1 And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived,...(KJV)

But the word also seems to mean to have intercourse with someone. Thus the idea of "yada" is to become "intimate in relationship", to take them on board deeply, with GOD in relationship, your wife in relationship and others in relationship. Thus "yada" is a relationship concept, and does not mean simply "to know", but to make "knowledge intimate".

Therefore if you learn the "words-personified" created by Jesus, as "prayer promises of His power", these words you know is NOT theory and knowledge. Such ideas are useless, unless you use them in a relationship with Jesus. Thus the things you learn and know become powers of relationship when you become intimate with Jesus, and develop a really close relationship.

The Hebrew word "yada" does not refer to "sex" either, but to the active door of your mind seeing relationship as important. It is the intimacy of relationship that makes the hearts of gender male and gender female grow fonder, not "sex" whatever that word means to you.

Now there is another Hebrew word:-

The Hebrew word "madda", Strong's 4093, has pictographs which mean "The flowing door (of your mind) sees". This word means to "know" or "science" is not based on relationship, but is simply the flow of knowledge into the door of your mind that comes basically from observation.

Does the reader get the very big difference between these two Hebrew words? Both words mean "know" but one is based on relationship and the other based on just learning by observation.

Ro 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

The Author includes studies of science here, to help readers appreciate GOD, and this flow of knowledge into the door of your mind helps you to "see" God. Shalom

Science or "madda" is the study of things by observation, the experimentation of things in the NOW and sharing that knowledge with others.

Science provides for us earth based models about GOD in Scripture, so we can have "faith" in Him. This is why Scripture is written in poetry symbols, allegories and pictures so we can understand the spiritual with simile pictures of those things we see and experiment with on earth. Without tangible outcomes for our faith our understanding of our God would be naive and blind, without experimental evidence.

With any theory of faith, we cannot have absolute evidence, or pictures, or experiments proving something. There is always something else unseen, some understanding we cannot see. Thus faith (the understanding of things we cannot see) and evidence (proved by Science) must BOTH be together. A theory by definition cannot be based totally on evidence, if everything is totally proved about it, we call this a "law" in Science.

Evolution is a religion, because it has both faith and evidence bits to the theory of faith; and because evolution creates "rules" how people should live. Many aspects cannot be proved by Science, because some things happened in the past. Some things such as how did the Big Bang occur, requires all faith, there's no evidence. No mutational changes increase DNA squence of information, only cause living things to run downhill. Thus a person believing in Evolution requires faith in this theory because much of the evidence does not exist, and Science cannot prove everything about the theory.

A person believing in GOD also has some evidence but also requires much faith, because Science cannot prove everything either. There is a reason why GOD does not prove itself to humans absolutely, because such a revelation would do one of two things,

  • (1) make humans afraid of GOD with fear, or

  • (2) make humans oppose GOD with pride.

    GOD wants instead a relationship based on love, not fear but respect, not pride but humility.

    Consider these studies below where Science experiments help show us evidence for God..

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    (5) Medium affects on Light. Mysteries of the Holy Spirit. (6) Tribute to Albert Einstein. The theory of relativity.
    (7) Tribute to Isaac Newton. The mysteries of light. (8) Tribute to Gerald Schroeder. Creation had a beginning.
    (9) Seeds. Science looks at how GOD grows. (10) Trees. Science looks at how Christians grow.
    (11) CREATION. The first five verses Genesis. (12) Intelligent Design- the Bacteria Flagellum Motor.
    (13) FREE ENERGY. Some research into new Energy. (14) CREATIONISM defined as a Science of origins.

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