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Gerald Schroeder tribute

Q8: Tribute to Gerald Schroeder..

"Creation had a beginning."

Before 1950's Science said the universe was eternal and ongoing. Today since the 1950's as a result of hearing radio messages of the remnants of the "big bang", Scientists now say the Universe had a beginning. Since the Hebrew account is over 1,500 years old, written and cannot change, it is surprising how Science changes it's account of the origin of the universe.

(1) In the beginning ....

Science now agrees that the universe had a beginning.

Ge 1:1 � In the beginning....

Gerald Schroeder is a Jewish-Christian professor, has some wonderful insights into Creation and our universe. How do we know the universe had a beginning ?

Ge 1:5 And The FAMILY (powers) of GOD called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning was day (yowm) one (echad).

The Hebrew word for "first" (ri'shown) is used to compare one thing to another. The Hebrew word (echad) does not mean first, but means unity , the joining together as one the many parts. Translators change the order of Hebrew words to say, evening and morning was the first day. The Hebrew reads evening and morning was day one. Strange statement. But the day one of Creation had no other day to compare time or days to. Day one was the beginning of time. Thus this Hebrew word order, tells us that Creation had a beginning.

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