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Researching Aerial Electrical Energy.

Nicola Tesla discovered as the Ancient Egyptians discovered that Zero Point Electrical Energy is everywhere in the earth's atmosphere. You just need to figure out how to tap into it...we call it Free Energy because like Solar Energy, it comes from Mother Nature, which is a secular term for GOD, if you believe as I do that GOD is the appropriate Designer of all things. I tend to see Zero Point Energy as a power radiating from the heavenly Father permeating all space. This energy might also be the same as Orgone Energy which permeates all living things, again a power coming from our heavenly Father.

Too many forums speak of getting energy from nothing, its NOT nothing we get the energy from, but a source already there, you just need to tap into it.

Anyway Jes Ascanius thanks to his free spirit, allowed us an insight into how Nicola Tesla's discovery works. Below is a report on the first successful electrical setup by the author, 20th November 2014.

When I first tried this, on no budget, the sun was shinning and I received a slow build up of voltage reaching about 7volts, so I discharged the voltage across a LED which lit for 0.1 second as a brief flash. Plenty of voltage but no current I thought.

Than a storm came over, lots of lightning, and this morning I reach over 25 volts, flooding the electrolytic capacitor to saturation point. The voltage climbs much faster now, so great that it blew out my LED tester...and the shorting with a 6V motor gives a little kick, no current is continuous to run the motor, again so I thought.

As Jes explains you need solid wire connections. So I used a 2.5 three strand multicore twin and earth cable wired all three strands together and bolted the strands to a brand new copper coil about 8 metres long in the ground.

Next I used a brand new sheet of roofing iron lying around, zinc-aluminium-magnesium-iron I think this is, polished it up using detergent powder and water, comes with fine scratching substances in it, and drilled three holes in on the end, and wired many copper wires over the three bolts, making a connection onto the sheet across three bolt connections....

The sheet must be new, polished, shiny and not rusty...and bare to the atmosphere...the idea is the electrical charges hit the plate, not the insulation surfaces on the metal rusty plate, which would stop the ionized particles giving up their charge into the aerial...but the aerial plate must also be insulated from the earth...I used thick 1 inch nylon ropes...

Here is the brand new polished bare metal sheet about 4 metres long and 760 mm wide, tied up with nylon rope sitting on my roof, and the ropes are secured by wires under the roofing screws...

And lastly the coil of brand new copper coil planted under the ground and wet....Again the charge has to run off into the earth, not over rusty metal which stops this process...I would reckon burying a stainless steel sheet would be better long term solution to a good earth system...cheaper too than copper wire which rusts in time....


The parts I used were what I had on hand...Using a 4uF capacitor instead of the 0.2uF capacitor did not seem to matter, but trying a 2000 uF did not work very well. So it seems smaller is better.

Increasing the electrolytic capacitor from 100uF to 2000uF didn't change the system, it works just the same.

However it is important the rating of the capacitors are good, the ceramic one must be rated over 200 VAC, and the electrolytic one over 25 V

The diodes didn't matter too much, I used what I had from o ld 12 volt power supply chargers.

The next step is to make the current increase...that requires better soldered connections rather than my weak clamping system. I will see if I can get a solid stream of current, with a more permanent earth and aerial system....and now I have tasted success, perhaps a little purchasing of better components is required....


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