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What is Love? One cannot self love.

Q8. Hebrew has TWO words for love...

A person cannot 'self love'. The Scriptures has no example of this, or even a Hebrew word for this. There is no Hebrew word for 'self' either.

Most of us see love as a thing, a noun, something that stands alone. Let me illustrate this with my friend the critic.

"When I say �philosophy�, I am referring to the introduction of man-made ideas to explain a particular viewpoint. For example, for you to say, �But if ELOAH was a single character flavoured with three personalities from eternity, you have before the angels came to be, a single character with three personalities of love, one which provides, one which nurtures and one which responds.�, is to me philosophy because you are trying to understand �Eloah� in terms that the Scriptures do not use or teach"

How can this be philosophy?

  • 1Jo 4:16 God is love;

    Here it says Elohiym (God) is love. Specifically maleness-love. What this means is Elohiym is a SOURCE of LOVE, as maleness love is by definition, but we also have two Hebrew words for love. The receiver of love, or fellowship love, or femaleness-love, must correspond to the love that acts as a source. Thus we have a circuit, a source sink : a poetry picture of love. Love is not a battery, nor is love a resistor object, nor is love light. Love is the circuit complete, the stuff that flows from a source to the sink. Love is entirely a process, not an object. Love is not a single person. Love is not a Heavenly Being. Love is the process between Beings. Love requires a source and a sink. Love requires a provider and a receiver. But love is not a provider providing... Nor is love a receiver receiving. Love is the reaction and action of providers and receivers doing things together.

    Love cannot be done alone by a single Being. Self love does not exist. However there are many Hebrew concepts about selfishness, this is the idea where love is burned up greedily, like some massive resistor eating up the energy process of love, like a heating element does in an electrical current. But like electricity, love is not the electron, nor the flow of electrons, love is not a current flow, but the electromotive force that causes the current flow to occur, and this only happens when connected to a completed circuit, the process between provider and receiver. Science says this occurs when a battery is completely connected to a sink. But what really happens is the sink disrupts the God force in the universe, the Father's Zero point energy is disturbed and there is a flow of power from the Father into the human. It is your Father's love that works in you, not yourself alone.

    What all this is saying is love cannot process alone, nor does love ever function with your own power. Humans assume they have this right as 'elohiym' to function in their own 'love', and this 'self love' is promoted by Satanic movies and worldly marketing. But self empowered love (if we assume such a thing exists) means nothing to GOD.

    This kind of loving life in your so called own human effort, has a Hebrew is called Bal. Notice Psalms 16:-

  • 1 Guard me, O Strong Authority: for in thee do I put my trust.

  • 2 O my soul, ..YHWH, my Adonay:..;

  • 3 .. to the saints .. in the earth, whom is my delight..

  • 4 But their sorrows shall be multiplied when they hasten after strange drink offerings of blood, I offer nothing (BAL) , nor take up their names into my lips.

  • 5 YHWH is the portion of mine inheritance..

  • 6 The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places..

  • 7 I will bless the YHWH, who hath given me counsel: ...

  • 8 � I have set the YHWH continuely (tamiyd) before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

  • 9 Therefore my heart (LAB) is glad,.. my flesh also shall rest in hope.

  • 10 For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell (sh@'owl); neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.

  • 11 Thou wilt shew me the path of life: .. for evermore. (KJV)
  • This Psalm tells us much about BAL and LAB, the heart effort towards Jesus is daily and continuous, while the strange self empowered ones have a heart effort that means nothing (BAL) to Jesus. This Psalm is about Jesus, who did not suffer corruption in shaowl (hell) during the second death, the place where the heavenly powers of GOD cease... this is why our flesh rests in hope, and why we must daily seek afresh Jesus, and His counsel via the Holy Spirit, who is another counselor, indirectly mentioned here as well. But those whose heart effort means nothing to Jesus, their names do not come to His lips.

    For more, see

    SOP comments on self surrender

    Notice the picture meaning of "bal"

    "bal" 'your home authority' "heart effort for nothing"

    "Lab" 'authority in the home' "heart"

    Notice the Hebrew word for "heart", the "authority in the home" is the direct opposite of "bal", which is the "your home authority comes to nothing".

    Notice these words are studied more here.


    Strong's 1077.�


    The ROOT picture here of "Bal" is "The home" "authority" . In Hebrew this picture means "a flow of heart effort that comes to nothing".


    Strong's 1167, 1168.

    ��� Ba`al

    The picture here of "Baal" is "The home" looks (with) "authority" . In modern English spelling "Baal"is correctly spelt "Boy", and means "Master".


    ��� Ba`alim The picture here of "Baalim" , a person who literally lived the out the meaning of Baal. The word means "The home" "authority" from the "eye" "flows". It clues us a clue to the religion of Baal.

    So while one can be deceived into thinking one can make self empowered effort in our homes, such a notion is really false and nothing to GOD. Love therefore cannot be generated by a single worldly family, by mum or dad or the children. Love is not a self generating process.

    So how does the Heavenly Powers generate love, if love cannot be generated by a Single Being? Love can flow FROM a single Being, as a process from a SOURCE to a RECEIVER, but love cannot be generated alone. This is because love is not a thing, nor a process made by a single Being. Love is relational and a process. Love is made by the entire godhead working harmoniously together, but is a single flow from the Father, and channelled as a process by the Agents of Love, the Father's Son and the Holy Spirit. How this co-operative love as a process is created daily and continously, I do not know, for Scripture does not say. Science says the suns expel their energies continuously, but I doubt this. How such energy is created moment by moment is indeed a baffling mystery...and says a lot about GOD.

    Think about this next time you want to love your wife. Such love does not come from within. Your love is the process of the Father's love working through you towards your wife, this process involves the Father, the Son who made such flow possible to sinners, and the Holy Spirit who is the conduit who channels this flow of love from the Father, via the Son, through the Holy Spirit, into your character, also administrated by the Holy Spirit, into your mind and hands, that you are empowered to do something holy with your wife. That is a daily miracle, something humans alone cannot do. This is true love in action, something that happens daily as you pray for the continueous process of love flowing in your life.

    To prove this concept of love, is there a single instance of the Son on earth, ever doing anything without His Father and the Holy Spirit? cannot come from 'self'. Love is relational. Love is the process of doing things between two or more beings.

    This is why we see in the OT the messenger of YHWH, and in the NT, the Father and His Son. Together they work love among mankind, while the Holy Spirit allows this process to work individually in our hearts.

    The Author cannot find a single text where any one member of Elohiym empowers alone.

    This has profound implications on what love is and how love works.

    My friend the critic says :-

    My friend: "In terms of humans, the smallest unit of love is a husband and wife. Two are needed, not three. Both husband and wife are providers, nurturers and responders to each other. Yahweh was all three by Himself. He provided a creation for the world He loved. He nurtured that creation before man existed. He responded to the world�s fall before they fell by including a slain lamb in His plan of salvation."

    The Author: "When the uncaused Cause created matter, space and time, physical laws took hold of additional dimensions, such as time, chaos and order, gravity, and material creation, these things are not a part of God, but love is.�Therefore LOVE must be functional BEFORE the creation of time, matter and space."

    My friend: "I agree that love was functioning before creation. Not between Yahweh, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit, but all within Father Yahweh Himself."

    It is not possible for love to function within a single heavenly entity. But my friend the critic may be right in saying the Father can generate love within themselves. A chemical battery terms this as "potential love", but this is not "love in action", it is "potential to love. So this is my theory of faith, and your welcome to your own theory of faith. If we consider earthly models of the electro-motive force, the humble battery, assuming this is really true as a source of love, we find inside such a concept, a watery solution medium for two entities to flow, one acts like a provider (cathode), the other acts as a receiver (anode), so already we have natural examples that Love cannot be generated alone, only by the heavenly Father. The Author cannot agree with my friend, sure I agree love flows from the Father, but love is not, and cannot be created by the heavenly Father alone.

    Ancient Egyptian battery

    The Father cannot love alone. The Son cannot love alone. The Holy Spirit cannot love alone.

    All members of the Godhead family functioning together produce heavenly love which flows out from the Father.

    We have heard the saying, no man is an island, neither is our heavenly Father. Love is purely a process between Beings, generated by those Beings, and focused through our Heavenly Father.

    Why no one member can create love on their own, is because if a heavenly member of Elohiym could do so, than that would do away with having three members (and love as a relational concept), and force us to consider three Gods in heaven (love would no longer be harmonious).

    Thus we would have a pagan idea of three independent gods all loving as they wish.

    But the Scriptures suggest Elohiym is more complex as a mystery than this, thus love is a relational complexity of three members working together, to produce a single source of heavenly produce.

    The chemical battery is a good simile picture of the heavenly Elohiym, a Family generator of love.

    See further studies that the Father cannot be alone.

    On the next web page, we will discuss the ten descriptors of love..

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