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A study of Yahweh. What does Yahweh mean?

Q7: What does the Hebrew word Yahweh mean?

Hypothesis: What does the Hebrew word Yahweh mean?

Introduction: This Hebrew word is the most comman in the Old Testament, and is written as four Hebrew letters "YHWH".

Notice the Ancient Hebrew meaning as we read through the letters left to right, (for western readers, the Hebrew is orientated this way) "Behold a BEING ! Secure. Behold! a BEING with active hands".

The Sacred Name seems to have two Beings in the functional descriptor, one who is secure and one who is active with hands. However this study will look at a few passages where Yahweh can be studied from the many thousands of verses where the Sacred Name occurs.

In general terms the functional descriptor means "He who exists" and is always a singular concept. Shalom

Method: Of the several thousand verses with Yahweh, we will look at only a few to investigate what Yahweh means across the OT and NT.

Conclusion: The word "Yahweh" seems to reference maleness-love members of the FAMILY of GOD. The term can mean Father-Yahweh or Son-Yahweh. In other passages there are three functional descriptors of GOD, describing GOD as a FAMILY of three co-eternal Beings.

Discussion: The passages selected are exhuastive and thorough, and the study is detailed so the reader is convinced from without a doubt what Yahweh means.

(1) Ge 16:9 And the messenger "malak" of the LORD "Yahweh" said unto her, Return to thy mistress, and submit thyself under her hands.

We have yet to identify "Yahweh" here, and Yahweh's messenger. Yahweh's messenger says to Hagar to return to Sarah, Abraham's first wife. The messenger could have been, another Yahweh, assuming Yahweh is a family name for members of GOD, or an angel messenger, or some other holy Being messenger in heaven sent carrying Yahweh's message. So who could the messenger be ?

One thing that the messenger of Yahweh is NOT: the messenger is not the Father. The Father sends this messenger to be an ambassador for Father-Yahweh.

Considering the important functions the messenger for Father-Yahweh does, it is more likely this messenger is Son-Yahweh, rather than a high officiating angel like Gabriel. The study will test this theory of faith in time.

(2) Ge 19:24 � Then the LORD "Yahweh" rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD "Yahweh" out of heaven;

This verse speaks of two Yahweh's simultaneously, one in heaven, while one is on the earth, both doing different things at the same time.

(3) Job 40:1 � Moreover the LORD "Yahweh" "Strong's 3068" answered Job, and said, 2 Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty "Shadday" "Strong's 7706" instruct him? he that reproveth God "Elowaah" "Strong's 433" , let him answer it.

Here is a passage listing THREE functional Descriptors of GOD in one context. It is also a poetry Parallel suggesting all three functional descriptors are similes of each other as heavenly powers.

There are some scholars who could say these functional descriptors are describing Yahweh in two different ways, thus preserving a single Yahweh. After all they say poetry parallels are different ways of expressing a single idea. There is little material about poetry parallels on the Internet concerning the functional descriptors of GOD. This alternative theory of faith is listed here to be fair to the reader. People are welcome to different theories of faith, as long as they make sense and as long as there is some evidence for them. The Bible is mostly poetry and when you see poetry parallels they are really similes of each other.

Depending upon your faith you already have you can see this Job verse as a single Yahweh having two poetic functions which are similes of human functions. Or we see with this Job verse, three functional descriptors of GOD in the oldest book of the Bible, showing us that there are three co-eternal Beings in Scripture.

At this point the reader may want to study ALL the verses that have certain Hebrew words in them..

  • Eloah - the Father
  • Ruwach - the Holy Spirit
  • Shadday - the Holy Spirit
  • Ahab - maleness-love
  • Ahabuh - femaleness-Love
  • Or better still stick to this brief, but thorough study. Shalom

    Jeff Benner describes the Hebrew word "SHADDAY" as "breast". I would disagree with Jeff here because there is no earthly reference of this word, and all references to this Hebrew word point to a co-eternal Being in heaven. The Ancient Hebrew reads "Pressed door with active hands" or "pressing to the breast with active hands".

    The Hebrew word for "breast" is Strong's 7699 and 7700.

    Job 33:4 The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

    And translated into Hebrew this verse reads:-

    Job 33:4 The Holy Spirit "of single numerical ONE of Strong Authority " hath made me, and the breath of the Shadday hath given me ongoing life.

    This poetry parallel tells us the Shadday is a simile of the functional work of the Holy Spirit.

    The Holy Spirit is a medium, administrated by the Shadday, so that function and dysfunction can exist in the universe during missing the mark. This first was established even when Lucifer was found missing the mark, so the Father presence would not destroy Lucifer with His presence.

    If this is your first time to read about the "Medium of the Holy Spirit" you may want further evidence for this theory of faith...

  • -the duality of GOD
  • -Medium of the Holy Spirit
  • -Sin-offering NOT unto death
  • -Medium properties
  • Or better still stick to this brief, but thorough study. On the next webpage we will continue to study Yahweh and Elohiym as a Family concept, looking for evidence for Yahweh as heavenly parents. Shalom

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