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Q3: Personality traits when love goes wrong ?

In the Bible there are dysfunctional personality traits for maleness love and femaleness love, when "things go wrong". Some of these traits are listed and contrasted here:-

MALENESS-LOVE gone wrong

Ge 34:3 "defiles" "rapes" (18)

Ge 37:3 "can be biased" (11)

Ge 37:4 "can be jealous" (12)

2Sa 13:15 "violent mood swings" (58)

1Ki 11:1 "eye-candy" for lust (62)

Es 5:14 "peer group pressure" (72)

Job 19:19 can "turn against thee" (74)

Ps 52:3 "desires evil" (88)

Pr 1:22 likes "pleasure" (114)

Pr 17:19 "desires transgression" (128)

Pr 21:17 "alcohol and power-status" (133)

Ec 5:10 "desires money" (138)

Isa 57:8 "fornicates in bed" (153)

Ho 2:5 "desires adultery (175)

Ho 12:7 "loves to oppress" (186)

Joh 3:19 "loves darkness" (217)

1Jo 2:15 "desires the world (282)

Mt 24:12 "waxes cold" (305)


Ec 9:6 "emotions that vanish (18)

Pr 27:5 "does secret-love" (16)

Mt 6:5 "shows off" (38)

2Sa 13:15 "anger, hate, abuse" (6)

Mt 23:6 "shows pride" (40)

Interesting these broad categories of love, isn't it? Could it be that "personality traits of love" are somehow wired into our genetics or hormonal balance? The Scriptures does not answer these questions.

The Scriptures does however, show that love has categories or differences between them. The Hebrew words show the full spectrum range from functional love to dysfunctional love, or from good to bad. Many scholars try to be biased with, for example, with the Greek word "agape" to replace the Hebrew "ahab" in the New Testament, thus making "agape-love" into a supreme godly aspect for "love". But this is NOT the case. Since both functional and dysfunctional aspects of "love" exist in this world, we should expect the Hebrew, to correspond with broad ranges of meaning also, from the "holy" to the "wicked", or from aspects of "goodness" to aspects of "badness".

On the next webpage let's consider why God allows "dysfunctional love"..
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