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Spiritual Sermons, saved cigarette smoker, what is sinning, science of salvation

Spiritual Sermons of influence

(1) The Salvation Steps of Jesus

(2) Salvation from Hosea - 1

(3) Salvation from Hosea - 2

(4) Salvation from Hosea - 3

(5) The Steps to Jesus (version 2)

(6) The Steps to Jesus (version 3)

(1) The Science of Salvation

(2) Science of Salvation

(3) Science of Bible study

(4) Science of Prayer

(1) The Lost Covering

(2) What are idols?

(3) The new god of Technology

(1) What is sinning?

(2) The Sinner makes shadows.

(3) The Sinner looks into a mirror.

(4) The sin-offering personified.

(5) The saved cigarette smoker.

(future sermons)

(1) Sowing His Seed

(2) The Science of growing..

(3) The Science of seeds..

(4) The Science of seedlings..

(5) The Science of fruit..

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Papers in old MicroSoft Office (doc format) :-

A study of sin as sola Scriptoria says, we become sinners, we are not born sinners, we are born condemned, original sin, overcoming sinning.

  • Detail study of sin 22 pages 849KB

    A study of salvation as sola Scriptoria says, how to be saved, from a single passage in correct order, in simple terms for those of child like faith.

  • Daily steps to Jesus 15 pages 851KB

    A study of the end of time as sola Scriptoria says, as shown in Habukkuk.

  • Future end time events 6 pages 160KB

    A study of Scripture as sola Scriptoria says, from one passage across several chapters, how Scripture says scripture should be studied.

  • Study reading words 26 pages 183KB

    A study on how man is spoiling our healthy food supply with Internet references

  • Article on GMO foods 4 pages 16KB
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