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Jesus Christ is LORD or YHWH, in the Old Testament

3. Proving Jesus is LORD YHWH in Old Testament

Lord Adonay YHWH

In the Old Testament we see the Hebrew word 'Adonay' which means an 'Active Ruler over His community'.

There is no earthly reference for Adonay referring to a human, all references refer to Lord Adonay YHWH, He who exists.

When you look at the hundreds of verses for Adonay, the word cannot apply to Father YHWH only. Clearly because of the parallel links to the New Testament, the use of Adonay, can only refer to Lord Adonay Jesus. And here are examples that prove Jesus is YHWH in the Old Testament.

Consider these examples:-

(1) Gen 18:3 - Two YHWH's mentioned, one in heaven, one on earth. More info

(2) Jg 6:22 - The messenger of YHWH is Lord Adonay Jesus.. More info

(3) Ps 38:15 - Adonay YHWH is referenced with salvation... More info

(4) Ps 51:15- Lord (Adonay), salvation (Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit. More info

(5) Ps 68:20 Adonay YHWH and the Father also save.. . More info

(6) Ps 69:6 Lord Adonay Jesus is referenced to YHWH of hosts.. More info

(7) Isa 7:14 Lord Adonay Jesus predicts His own incarnation: ..More info

(8) Isa 22:15 Lord Adonay Jesus is a symbol of rock, known as cela. More info

(9) Isa 28:16 Lord Adonay Jesus references the chief corner stone. More info

(10) Isa 29:13 NT Jesus quotes his words from OT Jesus.. More info

(11) Isa 30:15 NT Jesus quotes his words from OT Jesus.. More info

(12) Isa 40:10 A reference to New Testament Scriptures.... More info

(13) Isa 49:14 The whole of the Family of GOD is referenced here .... More info

(14) Isa 61:1 NT Jesus quotes his words from OT Jesus... More info

(15) Eze 20:47 A reference to Jesus on the Cross.. More info

(16) Eze 39:29 Do we have two heavenly Beings involved in salvation? More info

(17) Da 9:3 Daniel prays to Lord Adonay Elohiym...More info

(18) Da 9:19 Daniel prays to Lord to Jesus...More info

(19) Mal 1:14 Lord Adonay Jesus...a king of the redeemed ..More info

For a detailed study of all 419 verses that use 'Adonay' click here.

Next we shall study a different theory of faith, and answer some critics...

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