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Spiritual Streams of influence..

(a) Jesus Christ A study of who Jesus was and proof Jesus is the Son of Elohiym. A study of Jesus in the Old Testament as Son-Yahweh. The messenger of Yahweh is common in the Old Testament and was found to be Jesus.

Index to study questions:-

(Q1) Jesus Who was Jesus?

(Q2) Muslims in the Deen Show?

(Q3) Messenger of God?

(Q4) MightyOne Who is the Mighty One?

(Q5) Cherubims Who are the Cherub Angels?

(Q6) Malak Introducing the messenger of God

(Q7) Yahweh Who is Yahweh?

(Q8) Parents Evidence of heavenly parents?

(Q9) Eloah Father / Allah

(Q10) Study of El God

(Q11) Malak "Messenger of GOD"?

(Q12) Help Mate

(Q13) Adonay Study of LORD

(Q14) Jesus the Branch

(Q15) Jesus Birth

(Q16) Son-YHWH Jesus as Son-YHWH?

(Q17) Holy Spirit as a Medium

(Q18) Can man see God and live?

(Q19) What about trinity?

(Q20) Elohim GOD powers

(Q21) Echad Unit/one?

(Q22) Was Jesus worshipped?

For those wanting in-depth studies:-

Jesus pre-existed

Jesus is our Creator and Saviour

email discussions


(b) My Dad My last formal communication with my Dad before He died of cancer. My Dad struggled with accepting God because he saw many Christians as hypocrities.

To my Dad dying of cancer

My Dad as a Strong Authority

Other Strong Authorities

Why are Christians different?

(c) Robert Thompson A collection of Sermons, booklets and materials readers can download, so you can share our influence.

Salvation Steps of Jesus

The Science of Salvation

Sin Study

Saved Smoker

(d) Jeff Benner

The Author discovered many years ago reading KJV Scripture electronically with interlinear Greek and Hebrew how inconsistent the Hebrew words to English words were. The Author thought a single Hebrew word should be translated with a single English word, if this was possible. Instead the Author saw the Hebrew words having over a dozen English words, suggesting the Scriptues have multiple meanings in context. This really upset the Author, and it spoils the meanings in Scripture. The Author was glad to discover Jeff Benner had the same feelings with translations, and produced a Genesis translation mechanically translating every Hebrew word with a single English word. It is possible to do this, and makes the Scripture words more consistent in their meaning.

Some topics covered by Jeff Benner but re-written by the author are listed below:

Inconsistent Scripture translations.

Proving NT was orginally in Hebrew.

How well does truth survive copying?

How Scriptures should be studied.

A child like Scripture Study Method.

Criticisms on the child like studies.

Does Hebrew Culture affect Scripture?

Examples of Culture impact on Scripture?

Was ancient man advanced?

Ancient technologies that were advanced?

(e) Ellen White

Many people say Ellen White never wrote Hebrew, thus because of their bias, they assume her English is modern English only. If we look at the way Scripture is translated in her passages, we can begin to study the English against Hebrew words to test if her English is actually consistently following Hebrew words instead. If true, the SOP would actually be a Hebrew-English translation.

This would be great news for anyone who finds reading Hebrew English interlinear Scriptures difficult, we need only study carefully the SOP instead to see what our Hebrew Scriptures really mean. The SOP makes understanding Scripture easy!

This study proves Ellen White was inspired, testing her work in English matches the meanings in Ancient Hebrew , because the Holy Spirit inspired the messages.

Index to words in the study:-

(1) Ab: Fruit/Father

(2) Yahweh: Sacred Name

(3) El: Strong Authority

(4) Elohim: Powers

(5) Echad: Unity

(6) the Daily

(7) Chata: Sin

(8) Chataah: Sin-offering

(9) Mocking laughter

(10) Torah: teachings, rain

(11) Tsuwr: FlintRock

(12) Cela: SaviourRock

(13) Hosts

(14) Shuwb: Repent

(15) Shadday: Holy-Spirit

(16) Qahal: Assembly

(17) Edah: Congregation

(18) Cross abolished?

(19) the Righteous

(20) Avon: Guilt

(21) Chamad: Desire

(22) Grace

(23) Ahab: Maleness-love

(24) Ahabuh: Femaleness-love

(25) Ruwach: Holy-Spirit

(26) Kathistemi: Original Sin

(27) Evolution, Amalgamation, propensities

(28) Ets: Trees

(29) Torah feasts

(30) Wilderness

(31) Bread

(32) Faithful

(33) Good

(34) Does Scripture allow prophets today?

(35) Rebuking attacks on Ellen White

Comparison study

This study compares how completely inspired these messengers were. Since Martin Luther has much material on the Internet, as does Ellen White, this is a study to compare how complete both of these messengers are against Ancient Hebrew meanings of words.

As a result of this study, and reading Martin Luther material, the Author has developed much respect for him. The German translation by Martin Luther is perhaps the best example of a translation there is.... Better than KJV, better than any translation the Author knows. Martin Luther's translation is pure and consistent, mechanically translating each Hebrew faithfully. We know Martin Luther was a Christian and was saved for the kingdom, believing in Jesus according to the light he knew. Hence the Author trusts his translation of Hebrew to German, better than other so called translations. In fact Martin Luther really is a "father of translations" and tells us how translating should be done....not dynamically...not inconsistently...not believing Hebrew words have multiple meanings in context...God bless Martin Luther and his example of how Bible translations should be. Shalom

Index to words in the comparision study:-

(1) Ab----------------Father & Fruit

(2) El------------------Strong Authority

(3) Elohiym ------------Heavenly Powers

(4) Echad----------------Unity or united

(5) Tamiyd---------------Daily or continual

(6) Chata and Chataah ----Sin and Sin-offering

(7) Tsachaq ---------------- Mock & Laugh

(8) Torah ----------------Teachings & Rain

(9) cela and twusr---Rock similes of Jesus, Father

(10) Qahal ---------- Assembly or Church

These studies look at how the Spirit of Prophecy confirms our understanding of Scripture. This prevents our mind wandering off the wrong track with Scripture, especially if we have inspired writings to keep us on the correct path. Much of the problem is SOP never writes about translation issues, and accepts Scripture translations in the light they are presented.

Readers cannot assume that when SOP quotes Scripture in some translation, that the Scripture quoted in English, is a perfect rendering of the Hebrew. The Scripture words first penned in Hebrew do not contain error, it is the translation process by men, that may contain confusion. The SOP accepts the poor translations in the light they are presented, so as not to offend the reader with child like faith. Knowing more knowledge about truth is not always necessary, or benefical for salvation. Many come to Jesus in the light they have and are judged by the experiences they have in Jesus.

However a casual reader will find a "babe" like understanding and that is OK, for we are measured by the light we live up to. But we are also expected in Scripture to grow (as a Christian tree grows), and study Jesus more and more, looking for deeper drafts of His truth. This can also be obtained from the SOP, in fact the SOP has truth hidden at many levels for different believers reading SOP and Scripture. How can all this complex material be? Because the Holy Spirit inspired the SOP, only Ellen White wrote them down. Her English is actually a translation of Hebrew into English.

An index into some themes with the SOP:-

(1) SOP study of the Holy Spirit

A look at SOP, confirming that Scripture shows us that the Holy Spirit expresses femaleness-love.

(2) SOP meaning of sin

A look at SOP, confirming that Scripture shows us that sinning has two stages, for the babe coming to GOD the first time, "sinning" is transgression of the moral law, and for the mature believer "missing" is about a relationship in Jesus.

(3) SOP meaning of rock

A look at SOP, confirming that Scripture shows us two rock symbols for members of GOD.

(4) SOP meaning of "sin" as "sin-offering"

A look at SOP, confirming that Scripture shows us two Hebrew words for "sin". One is "chata", the other is "chattaah". Sadly in NT translations both Hebrew words are translated the same English word "sin" spoiling things. Does SOP correct this ?

(5) SOP meaning of "love feast"

SOP writes a strange term "love feast". What does this term mean? How does this term relate to the "feasts" which most Churches say was abolished at the Cross.

(6) SOP meaning of "surrender"

SOP uses a term "surrender" as an important concept of salvation, whereas Scripture does not. The closest term in Hebrew is "subdue". So what is the meaning of all this?

(7) SOP meaning of "Shadday"

SOP uses a term "almighty" which is a specific translated word in Scripture, known as "Shadday". Does SOP consistently show what this term refers to? or is this term not related to a specific member of the Godhead?. Comments by Church scholars are shown.

(8) SOP meaning of "Eloah"

A well known member of the Godhead, is the Father. But what is not well known is the Hebrew word "eloah" also means "Father". This study compares the church scholar criticism of the "Shadday" with "Eloah" and just how hard it is to prove this Hebrew word is supposed to about "a Father God".

(9) Scripture and "SOP confusion" ?

This webpage page looks at "confusing things" in Scripture and SOP.

(10) Other SOP themes ?

This webpage page looks at "other SOP themes" with Scripture in a brief manner.

A look at SOP books read by the Author and passages selected to show the reader how they are inspired to show correct Hebrew understanding from Scripture.

(1) Index to Desire of Ages A detailed look at the Desire of Ages and Scripture according to Ancient Hebrew themes. (80 Pages)

(2) Science of Salvation is a chapter by chapter study, comparing Ellen's Steps to Christ with Hosea's Steps to Christ. (14 pages)

(f) Other people and their comments, witnessing. Discussion Forums.

The Author has spent the last few months witnessing to Dave Freed about his faith, where some things are very different to my own. It has been an interesting journey. These hyperlinks will take you to Dave's Proboard Forum.

  • five chapters of comments:

  • The Roman Edit - Trust our Bible?

  • How to Avoid Deception

  • minor topics:

  • GMOs

  • Alternative Energies

  • The Stars are not what you think they are

  • Giants

  • Was there war in heaven?

  • Praying in the Spirit

  • Is the Mind and Soul the Same thing?

  • Judaism and Christianity on Satan

  • Judaism and Job

    Threads on Adventist Online Forum

  • Picture of GOD

    Presenting the Holy Spirit as feminine in personality to another SDA person such as Elijah from Murgon QLD.

  • Let us keep the feasts

    Presenting the feasts of Jesus in new wine skins, not abolishing them entirely.

  • Why does our Church consider the Holy Spirit is a 'He' ?

    Presenting this topic gets criticism, such as we are swayed by Gnosticism. So all of Gnosticism is wrong? 13 replies

  • Where does Scripture convincingly say the Holy Spirit is a 'He' ?

    This older presentation got 110 replies, mostly an interesting read for our readers.

  • Church defends vaccine use

    Why does our SDA church validate vaccine use? 66 replies

  • Dangers of GMO foods

    Why do we not eat more carefully? 10 replies

  • Are we increasing our daily dying dose of death ?

    Why do we not watch our genetic disposition more carefully? 79 replies

  • Can the heavenly Father show love if only He existed?

    A study of some who view GOD as all alone? 10 replies

  • Intelligent Design - are you looking after your nanoscale molecular motors ?

    A study of GOD's amazing intelligent design. 34 replies

  • Eating plants healthy

    A study of growing healthy plants. 8 replies

  • Eating bad foods

    Why are we eating amalgamated food? 54 replies

  • The foolish SDA virgins are too late to be saved when second Sunday Law begins

    This is a shocking revelation to me. 206 replies

  • Why the second Sunday Law hasn't come yet?

    A powerless people does not attract Government intervention. 73 replies

  • Did Ananias and Sapphira cheat on their tithe?

    Where in Scripture does it say tithing is based on one's income rather than the increase of the land one owned? 18 replies

  • What's a Pastor for these days?

    In ancient Bible times a Pastor was a doctor, family counsellor, spiritual Shepherd, school teacher, Priest, court judge, and evangelist. 6 replies

  • Laws we somehow ignore ? Abolished on Cross perhaps?

    My church Pastor today said the judgements in Exodus 21 to 24 were no longer binding for Adventists today? 133 replies

  • Restitution Ministries say Holy Spirit is only a force

    Many SDA people are led away by Restitution ministries doctrine on the nature of the Holy Spirit. 17 replies

  • HOW are we saved ? Where in Bible does it tell us how ?

    Where in the Bible does it say HOW to be saved ? 40 replies

  • Historical evidence for Feast of Unleaven Bread

    Should we keep the Feasts even today after the Cross of Jesus? 61 replies

  • What are the ongoing daily Steps to Christ?

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  • Preparation for Time of Trouble

    Can anybody help me understand, how are we to survive the little time of trouble if we are to sell up our houses? 86 replies

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