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(1) Simply Saved is a simple presentation of being saved, reading Scripture as it plainly reads, for beginners off the street, who may not know Scripture. (16 pages)

(2) Seeking Salvation is a simple presentation of JESUS, that answers a difficult question, "Why Jesus died?". These pages view different religions such as JW.org and EGW writings.org and Vatican.va. (4 pages)

(3) Starting Spiritually is a detailed but simple journey of salvation, reading Scripture as it plainly reads, for beginners starting in Jesus. Some of us deal with pride and doubt and other problems. (100+ pages)

(4) Steps to my Saviour is a brief journey through a single Bible passage, of the Steps to Christ. There is in Scripture, is a process of salvation, in really Simple Steps everything thing a person does daily to be saved by Jesus. (10 pages)

(5) Science of Salvation is a chapter by chapter study, comparing Ellen's Steps to Christ with Hosea's Steps to Christ. (14 pages)

(6) Scripture Support is a simple study, looking at how we get more and more "faith" in Jesus. Scripture says "faith" is a gift from GOD, but nobody on the Internet explains clearly how we get this "faith" we all need daily. This study looks at the Hebrew meaning of "Faith" and all other related words according to the Hebrew. This study will certainly improve your salvation experience, if you don't read anything else. (7 pages)

(7) Scripture Secrets is a simple but thorough study, looking at the original Scriptures. This study proves the NT was orginally written in Hebrew. This study also looks at a very old Hebrew script inside the Scripture itself, preserved by GOD. (9 pages)

(8) Sowing Seeds is a simple study, looking at how to walk daily in Jesus, supporting Him and "sowing seeds" or "prayer promises" in our mind. This presentation looks at the practical struggle the Author does walking with GOD, encouraging others to become mature and complete. ( 50+ pages).

(9) Sinning Solutions is a simple study, looking at what sin is, and how the Sinning Solution works in Jesus. (4 pages).

Specific Solutions

(1) Nickel-Iron Off Grid

(2) Free Aerial Energy

(3) Aquaponics Veggies

(4) Quantative Health Studies

(11) Spiritual Springs Specials

June 2022.

I am planning my retirement years into the research of this man's work.

Watch his life story here:

Wilheim Reich

It's a wonderful video about the science forces that stem from our heavenly Father.

Now that science people are religious, they are not, they do research and make experiments. This man died in Federal Prison in the USA for doing research.

How sad for humanity, we lost so much. Hopefully my own research will investigate the bio nature of health forces in living things.

Coronavirus issues

Professor Walter Veith shows how a document written in 2012, is a script for the global pandemic today. Fascinating times. Admonish the Bible cry, Get out of the Cities. Now. Before you eat of her plagues. The Author Robert investigates the Coronavirus issues.

DrBryan Ardis

Ron Floyd template against vaccine mandate

Graham Hood has videos in Facebook, unable to copy them here ie: Hoody's Helpers.

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