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Sinning and error does NOT keep you out from heaven,

Q46: 53. The Last Journey From Galilee

Show the Desire of Ages is inspired..

(1) Sinning and error does NOT keep you out from heaven..

With a great show of prudence the rabbis had warned the people against receiving the new doctrinestaught by this new teacher; for His theories and practices were contrary to the teachings of the fathers.The people gave credence to what the priests and Pharisees taught, in place of seeking to understandthe word of God for themselves. They honored the priests and rulers instead of honoring God, andrejected the truth that they might keep their own traditions.

The impressions of the HolySpirit if disregarded today, will not be as strong tomorrow. The heart becomes less impressible, andlapses into a perilous unconsciousness of the shortness of life, and of the great eternity beyond. Ourcondemnation in the judgment will not result from the fact that we have been in error, but from the factthat we have neglected heaven-sent opportunities for learning what is truth.

Our sinning and thus our errors do not keep us out from heaven, neglecting the heavenly sent gifts of power and truth does...we deliberately miss out on heaven-sent opportunities...

  • God's gift of faith
  • God's gift of surrender
  • God's gift of the Holy Spirit
  • God's gift of Jesus

    These powers are presented to you often, but we neglect them. If you receive these gifts you will respond:-

  • We support God's Words
  • We allow GOD to subdue us
  • We listen for the Holy Spirit
  • We walk daily in Jesus' power in us

    Salvation is so easy to understand, a child can do it. Do we really find sinning so enjoyable, that we love being alone on our own all the time?

    Or do we want relationship to be with us for eternity?

    Are we content with human doctrines and traditions?

    Mt 13:3 Behold, a sower went forth to sow;

    Mt 13:3 Behold, Love went forth to love;

    The Personal Noun and the Action Verb has the same meaning, but the actions are different. Behold the Person called Love goes forth to love...

    The Seed is a packaged power ready to do its work in you... You only have to receive, and allow the Seed to germinate and grow. And finally fruit favoured finishes in you.

    You are the soil, your Father is the Gardener, and your Rescuer is the Seed, while your personal Holy Spirit waters and provides the flow of power for the growth of divine character in you.

    Here is a picture of the process that requires child like faith.

    Why do scholars invent big words to make such a mystery only deepen with more words we do not understand? For example using justification and sanctification is unnessary, and the meaning of imputed and imparted righteousness is plain confusing. Scripture is really actually simple, when you read the words. Shalom

    Inside the seed are three functional parts that help the Seed grow, that represent the functional work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in you.The seed knows what to do, and needs no powers from you.

    You need only take the Seed and allow it to grow inside you.

    The process of growing inside you is amazing grace, but GOD wants you to help and support GOD's work in you as well.

    How can I help the growing process of Jesus inside me?

  • Support His words
  • Study His Seed promises
  • Pray specific Seed promises
  • Watch those powers work in you
  • Allow training by Jesus
  • Obey that training and mature
  • Follow Jesus' daily steps for you
  • Allow Jesus power to flow in you
  • Let the Father fruit in you
  • Share this love with others

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    (2) The SOP defines Self..

    Jesus added, "Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but ratherrejoice, because your names are written in heaven." Rejoice not in the possession of power, lest youlose sight of your dependence upon God. Be careful lest self-sufficiency come in, and you work in your own strength, rather than in the spirit and strength of your Master. Self is ever ready to take the credit ifany measure of success attends the work. Self is flattered and exalted, and the impression is not madeupon other minds that God is all and in all. The apostle Paul says, "When I am weak, then am I strong."2 Cor. 12:10

    The Spirit of Prophecy defines a Hebrew word, with a English word.

    Nahum 1:2 God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is (baal)"Master" furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. (KJV)

    The Hebrew word "baal" means "master", and this is the only verse that says "Jesus-YHWH" is "Master" of your life. You are not to be "baal" of your own life. You are not to be a "master power" over your own doings. The SOP calls this concept "self".

    How did the SOP know Jesus was a "master" "baal" inside us? No translation of Nahum 1:2 shows the Hebrew word "baal", and Ellen White could not read Hebrew. It is proof the SOP words are inspired, and are actually Jesus' words for us, showing us in English the Hebrew.

    Therefore, we do have a "Hebrew word for Self", Jesus is showing us in English, it is "baal" our own "master powers of self" we must put to death. And such a concept is impossible for us to do on our own, we need Jesus to subdue the "master baal powers of self" and Jesus will do this if we allow Him into our life in relationship. Jesus describes us allowing Him in, as the English "surrender", the Hebrew word is "subdue". That is an amazing discovery.

    Ro 10:3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not subdued themselves unto the righteousness of God.

    Here is the only verse in the NT that uses this Hebrew word "subdue" as "surrendering" to Jesus. The KJV translates the Greek word "hupotasso" here as "submitted".

    1Co 15:28 And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. (KJV)

    Here the KJV translates one word correctly as subdue, but there are five "subdue" words in this verse, and only one is translated as "subdue". So much for faithful translations of the Hebrew. The Greek is a faithful translation, but the English is not.

    Eph 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.(KJV)

    Notice what "surrender" means, which pious men fake Lordship over their wives......

    Eph 5:22 Wives, subdue yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.(Author's translation)

    The husband is to be subdued by Jesus, the relationship to Jesus removes the "baal master powers of self from the husband and the wife".

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    (3) The SOP defines Surrender..

    Even the disciples failed of understanding all that Jesus desired to reveal to them; butfrom time to time, as they surrendered themselves to the Holy Spirit's power, their minds wereilluminated. They realized that the mighty God, clad in the garb of humanity, was among them. Jesusrejoiced that though this knowledge was not possessed by the wise and prudent, it had been revealed tothese humble men. Often as He had presented the Old Testament Scriptures, and showed theirapplication to Himself and His work of atonement, they had been awakened by His Spirit, and liftedinto a heavenly atmosphere. Of the spiritual truths spoken by the prophets they had a clearerunderstanding than had the original writers themselves. Hereafter they would read the Old TestamentScriptures, not as the doctrines of the scribes and Pharisees, not as the utterances of wise men who weredead, but as a new revelation from God.

    Surrender is a process by Jesus who subdues us, but we have to allow Him daily. This is what Paul describes as "dying daily". Our own Master "Baal" powers of human doings must die, and we support instead Jesus doings in us. How we do this is by supporting Jesus words, and allowing His power in those words to flow as wonders in our life.

    Simple to say. But relationship requires us to be yoked to Jesus, and we must allow Jesus to train us in His work. That is the purpose of His torah teachings, a schoolmaster, to train us how to walk and do as Jesus did.

    We do not do Jesus "torah teachings" using "human powers of self" is a legal form of knowing Jesus. Such a person has no intimate knowledge of Jesus. The Hebrew word "yada" meaning "knowledge" is actually a "relationship word", your knowing about Jesus, must help your relationship in Jesus. If you don't allow Jesus to be the Master power over your soul, you do not "know Jesus"...your life is a fake one of human endeavour.

    Surrender is a process of Jesus achieving in you greater and even greater power of relationship with you. You start as a child in the hand of Jesus' hand. You start as a child drinking milky powers of Jesus. But walking and growing, you become as a warrior with a hand in Jesus' hand, and allowing mighty wonders of Jesus' power to flow through you. This is the completed context of surrender and faith, or subdue and support. Shalom

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    See the SOP quote "While self is unsubdued, we can find no rest. The masterful passions of the heart no human power can control. Page 337 DA

  • Our Baal-master powers of self are not subdued

    So many hyperlinks for the reader, but understanding how "subdue" or "surrender" works is important in achieving a relationship with Jesus. But such a process is NOT a salvational step to Jesus. Nor is faith a salvational step to Jesus. These are both gifts from GOD to you, if you do daily the salvational steps of Jesus.What are these salvational steps I must do daily? They are found in the Book of Jesus. Yes there is a book of Jesus in the Bible, only the spelling is spoiled over the years.

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    (4) How "subdue" works..

    The only way in which we can gain a more perfect apprehension of truth is by keeping the heart tenderand subdued by the Spirit of Christ.

    It will ever remain a mystery that the most profound reasoning cannot fathom. The science of salvation cannotbe explained; but it can be known by experience. Only he who sees his own sinfulness can discern thepreciousness of the Saviour. Page 495 DA

    Here the SOP explains how the "subdue process" works, by the "character spirit of Jesus" administrated in us by the Holy Spirit.

    Notice this process of the Holy Spirit:-

    Ps 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

  • 11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.
  • 12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

    This creative process of being subdued by GOD, is the second birth experience, that is administrated by the Holy Spirit. The "Science of Salvation" is a deep mystery that can be experienced, but cannot be explained. With child like faith, and allowing the process of Jesus to grow inside of us, we are changed into the divine character of Jesus. Praise Him for being in us !

    One question we could ask: How much faith and God subduing us, do we have to have, in order to be saved?The question is asking how much relationship as a process, do we have to have for Jesus to save us ?

    Growth is a simile of surrender. How much growing do I have to have in order for Jesus to save me?

    In the OT GOD reserved 7,000 who had not bowed to the image of BAAL, but did they also not bow to the Baal Master powers of self inside their own souls?

    Looking at the disciples around the Passover table, the night of Jesus death on the cross, the concept of Baal Master powers of self was alive, as they jostled proudly for the greatest position.So how much surrender does one have to have in order to be saved?

    Difficult question...difficult answer...since salvation is a mystery, the answer must be a mystery too.

    I think some satisfaction to this question, lies in the Seed promises you select. Some of us grow more, some of us grow less. God expects a return on His fruits of His character in you, but each person's return depends upon his abilities.Each receives faith and surrender as a gift according to how much growing you need for growth.

    So do not be discouraged by "Baal master powers of self" inside you...have hope...There is a sin-offering not unto death... Jesus will cover over our shortfallings...we need to support His words...fight the good fight of His words...and do not worry about mysteries of His Salvation inside of us...Shalom

    The next chapter of Desire of Ages..we look at "The Good Samaritan"

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