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The theory of CREATIONISM as a Science.

Creation Science properly defined

Discussion using the Bible

Creation Science, is not like Intelligent Design Science, in that we developour science of reasoning from Scripture as our guide book of Authority.

The Bible defines "kinds" as animals that can sexually be joined together in a successful manner.See studies of "kinds" or "myin". So for example all foxes, dogs, coyotes,dingoes, wolves and wolverines are a single kind, and all these species should be able to be successfully mated togetherusing natural means or Artifical Insemination, but not Genetic Modification of Organisms. The offspring of these unionsshould develop and grow. They may or may not be fertile as adults. But this defines at a genetic levelthat there are boundaries of variation possible only within certain kinds and that these kinds are programmedto change rapidly and easily if each animals needs to, in order to survive a changing world it lives in.

Each kind of animal was engineered with all the DNA sequenced complex information required for a changing world,to develop variation in each kind according to the programming placed already in the DNA as code.

Evolution science call their model of origin a "tree of life", where Creation science call their model an "orchard".Within each "tree in the orchard" their would be hundreds of species all programmed to change and make new species but only within the boundaries of the animal kind. One can predict within the genome of each species in a kind, to have exactly the same Miyn segments of code, that is unique to each kind, thus defining scientifically the term of "kind" at a genetics level. The reason why Science has not found a definition for "kind" is because the Miyn segments have not been studied. Since it seems our Creator used the same genes for protein manufacture, these Miyn segments will be found in the non-protein segments of DNA, where the vast unexplored DNA regions are still awaiting for science to discover.

Inside the DNA we can predict there would be Miyn segments of code that make each kind of animal different from anotherkind. The Miyn segments may be found in one place or all over the DNA depending upon what basic machinery of code needs regulating.

One can predict these Miyn segments of code will be found in different organisms that are unique to each kind, thus defining scientifically defining the term of "kind" at a genetics level. The reason why Science has not found a definition for "kind" is because the Miyn segments have not been quantified and classified.

Only as science enters the non-protein coding sections of the DNA, are they discovering there is much moreto the DNA then just programming for proteins. There are regulatory genes which boss other genes around. There will also be clock sensing genes turning on and off switching genes as required. And deeperin the non-protein sections of DNA one will find Miyn segments that are unique to each kind of living thing.

On the next webpage is the discussion of another Hebrew word about genetics. This word impacts mostly about the dysfunctional expression of DNA programming as a result of environmental factors.

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