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People hate religion

2: What is Spiritual Springs ?

Most people hate people talking about religion.

You are your own religion.

Religion is defined as the "rules a person lives by"

This makes religion similar to culture,

"the rules people have in common and respect,

while living with their own religion".

Long ago one could be killed for being different.

The dark ages was a political religious age,

where all individuals had to have a similar religion

as well as a similar culture to live by.

Such rules were forced upon the individual.

I welcome your belief system being different...

I hope you value peace as much as I do.

I will not force you to think as I do.

We live in a safe country with relgious freedom.

I find people do not change their religion,

and resist changing it because that is who they are.

First people like to be their own "god"

in charge of their own life, and second,

people "hate" having a "bigger god" telling them

what to do. So I will not change your opinions.

But GOD might, if you let Him.

There are so many hundreds of websites out there

so why should you believe in our words?

This website has to have some authority to begin with.

I follow only Sola Sciptora,

which goes against most religions out there.

Some prefer to follow the majority of other people

who have religions based on human traditions.

Some prefer religion based on other holy books

apart from the Holy Sriptures the Hebrews wrote

as inspired by GOD. I am interested in your opinions

and value them. Feel free to contact me by email

and I will discuss things with you in a kind

and friendly manner. Shalom

The purpose of this website is to show you

a very different and unbiased look at Scripture

so you can be saved by Jesus, using child like faith

reading the Holy Scriptures in Ancient Hebrew script.

Please click the next button. Shalom

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